08/30/2013 01:23 pm ET

Montasir Ishag, California Man, Charged Deputies With Sword In Meth-Addled Bi-Polar Episode: Police

He brought a sword to a gun fight, and got beaned.

Montasir Ishag was arrested Tuesday after allegedly charging San Bernadino County Sheriff's deputies with a drawn sword. According to a police report, the 33-year-old Rancho Cucamonga man hollered "Allah akbar" [sic] and came after police, who stopped him with a "less-than-lethal" shotgun that fires bean bags.

The Press-Enterprise reports that deputies responded to the house after a caller told dispatchers that his son was under the influence of meth and was having a bi-polar episode. rather tastelessly compared Ishag's confrontation to a famous scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," in which Indiana Jones unceremoniously dispatches a sword-wielding assailant.

The website also dug up a social media profile that fit the suspect's name, approximate age and location.

"My sense of humor is kinda weird and it takes time to understand it, but I LOVE to laugh," Ishag wrote on his profile.

It's doubtful he'll be amused by the attempted murder charges for his alleged attack on the deputies.


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