SEO Copywriting Services Matter

10/20/2016 05:42 pm ET | Updated Oct 21, 2016

There are copious SEO copywriting services to choose from nowadays. To be frank, the majority of them are a waste of time and money for the ambitious web business owner. Before you throw money away on an unqualified and incompetent SEO copywriting company, it pays to be informed about exactly what's involved in good SEO copywriting.

This article will go into detail about what you should look for in a web copywriting company in order to distinguish the real top-quality providers from the rabble. Remember - SEO is an investment. No matter how little or how much you pay for it, it has to generate a return to be worthwhile. Often the more expensive SEO copywriters also generate more for you in profits.

Good Copywriters Understand Your Audience

The biggest sign of an amateur copywriter is an inability to alter his or her style to suit the target audience. A good SEO copywriter can get inside the heads of your target customers and craft copy specifically to speak to that demographic. Good writers know which type of language to avoid with certain crowds, and when and where buzz words can be effective.

Amateur copywriters will tend to cram their copy with hyperbole. A seasoned copywriter understands that while this kind of writing may be effective for some products in some markets, it's not optimal as a catch-all approach to selling online.

Good Copywriters Communicate Clearly

Web copy need to be straight to the point. There are many SEO copywriting service from companies will provide you with good SEO practice that does get its point across as clearly and quickly as possible. Online, you have to grab attention quickly and hold it by communicating exactly what the reader needs to hear, in as few words as possible.

If you use a copywriting service that generates muddled copy, your readers will see you as a muddled business. No one wants to do business with a company that can't communicate its marketing message clearly and with passion. Your copy should be clear and consistent across your entire website - this presents the impression of authority and integrity, both of which are keys to selling online.

Good Copywriters Write for People First, Search Engines Second

This is by far the biggest mistake that lets you know an SEO copywriting company is firmly in the "amateur" realm. Good web copywriters understand one simple truth and align all their work to it: search engines don't buy stuff, people do. There's absolutely no point in writing SEO-friendly garbage that won't inspire anyone to buy. You may get traffic from the search engines, but your conversion rates will be atrocious.

This is one of the marks of a really effective web copywriting service: the copy is crafted to have an immediate emotional appeal to the reader, and the SEO side of the writing is worked in seamlessly behind the scenes. There are no clunky or awkward sentences that result from strange, ungrammatical keyword phrases being crammed in where they don't belong. This kind of writing turns people off quickly and harms your conversions.

The Results of Great SEO Copy

Investing in excellent SEO copy is well worth it. The great thing about balancing SEO with careful copywriting is that you'll see not only increases in traffic, but also increases in your conversion rates. This is a two-pronged approach to adding to the bottom line.

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