02/17/2017 05:51 am ET

Twitter Users Mock 'Trump Caucus' Photo For Being 'So White,' They Need Sunglasses


White House
President Donald Trump poses with Vice President Mike Pence and the self-proclaimed "Trump caucus."

Take a room full of middle-aged and old white guys in suits (with one woman), have them point thumbs up, sporting overly exuberant smiles. Voilà! A meme is born.

This group photo features President Donald Trump and a merry band of gushingly supportive GOP representatives who call themselves the “Trump Caucus.” Several wags on Twitter were taken by their uniformity (“It’s so white I need sunglasses,” quipped one) and a certain look that said “sales” to many.

It was shot after the president schmoozed at a “listening session,” at which he seems to do most of the talking.

“I’m negotiating a lot of contracts that are saving billions and billions of dollars for the American people and for all of us, and I’m very proud of it,” he said Thursday. “We’re doing really well. The fake news media doesn’t like talking about the economy.”

The crew included congressmen from North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Tennessee, and a lone congresswoman from Tennessee. Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) came out for Trump a year ago, they pointed out. “Good friends,” the president said. They mostly told the president their names and chit-chatted a bit.

“Are you going to find some of those leakers?” one asked, referring to news that Trump’s fired former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office.

“We’re going to find the leakers,” Trump responded, vowing they would “pay a big price for leaking.”

“You know, the Russians are just a ruse — it’s all about the leakers,” he added.

 Then it was time to pull out the thumbs for the shot that so inspired Twitter users.