09/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How Many Cars Do You Take to Starbucks? McCain Takes Nine

Who is the out of touch celebrity again?

The L.A. Times reports that while 8-Domicile was chillin' in one of his Cindy's mansions, listening to the brouhaha over him not remembering how many houses he owned, John McCain got an itch. An itch for a large cappuccino from Starbucks.

So what did he do? What people with eight houses and gobs of money and pay over $270,000 a year for 'domestic help' do when they want a coffee. He took nine cars down to the closest Starbucks and indulged in some frothy goodness.

McCain, who huddled with advisors at his desert compound in Sedona, Ariz., said nothing in public. A nine-car motorcade took him to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning, where he ordered a large cappuccino.

That's right. John McCain takes a nine-car entourage to get him his cappuccino.

That sounds a lot like someone.... Who is it... WHO is that who does things like that?


At least I hope he inflated his tires.