McCain Runs Scared From Larry King

10/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Now it is just getting sad.

Citing an interview where McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds was asked, and couldn't answer, what foreign policy qualifications Sarah Palin has to meet the Presidential level, CNN has announced that John McCain has crapped out of an interview with Larry King.

First, give me a break. Campbell Brown did the interview with Bounds, not King. If this was seriously about retribution against CNN, the campaign wouldn't take punitive action against Larry King, the network's highest rated show, with millions of potential voters they could reach. They'd send a message by canceling mid-day interviews with some top surrogates, which would put CNN on notice, but not rob the campaign of tons of viewers.

It'd be especially ridiculous to use King's show as punishment against CNN, given that the viewers tend to be the older set, who are keeping his campaign viable. I can't imagine they'll think too highly of McCain dissing their man in suspenders. Heck, only thing worse would be if John McCain canceled Matlock or put a plank in the platform declaring National Dinner Time would be later than 3pm.

Clearly, McCain knows that even a nice old man like Larry King could notice things were falling apart, and might ask John McCain about it. Nothing tough, but also nothing that McCain even wants to talk about at this point. But, it begs the question - if a creampuff interview with Larry King is too tough for McCain to handle right now, how in the hell is he going to face down Ahmadinejad or Putin?