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Tell Us What Your Dad Means To You: A Conversation About Fathers on Father's Day

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Although I'm now a father of a 4-year-old, Father's Day makes me think about my own dad -- and what he means to me -- more than anything else on that day.

I've always measured myself as a man and as a father against the example he has set for me and others, and the holiday makes me feel somewhat like I'm borrowing his (oversized) overcoat.

It seems the day has become hijacked by consumerism -- the yearly question of what to buy for Father's Day.

What I'd love to do is engage you in a conversation about our fathers -- not just the gifts we should be thinking about buying for them. With this in mind, I'll be asking people to share their stories about what their dad means to them.

I am also looking forward to hearing your personal thoughts and feelings about how your father has impacted you. For example, how has he inspired you?  What story about him would you most want to have passed down?

But first, please feel free to share in the comments thread the questions I should be asking folks about their dads.

And please continue to check in as we head into a holiday we should all be rejoicing about, not just fathers.

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