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7 Questions for Interviewers of McCain and Obama

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1. What does the Iraq War have to do with the financial meltdown?

2. Can we afford all our wars, all our military bases, and still help our own people as well? Why is PEACE a dirty word in the debates?

3. What are the risks involved with China buying our debt?

4. What are the risks involved with Chinese children being well-educated for free and our children not?

5. Why are Americans so queasy about taxes? There are certain things only government can do. Disaster Relief, Response to Climate change, Space Exploration, Health Care, Education, Bank Bailouts, etc.)

Why do we pretend this is not true? Why do we pretend it doesn't cost anything?

6. What is the problem with a mixed economy: part capitalist, part socialist? We have had such an economy since the Great Depression and World War II. It has served us well. It has made us prosperous. Why the fear of it? Why does the word "socialist" make us quake?

We seem not to mind socialist for the rich -- or for Congress.

7. When will we get real about education? When will we realize we can't afford the dumbest generation in a global world?