Twitter Fight: Star Jones Hates Me!

04/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Erica Watson Stand-up Comedian-Writer-Director-Aspiring Stripper

I have always been a big fan of Star Jones. But today I found out that she hates me.

Or at the very least, she was very irritated with me. But since I am a drama queen like her, saying she hates me sounds more fun!

Over the years I have followed her career, and I even follow her on Twitter. That is, until today when she blocked me from her page.

As you all know, I am a stand-up comedian and I have a 1 woman show called "Fat Bitch!" at The Laurie Beechman Theater 2/11-2/25.

The show is a super funny, honest and thought provoking look at the way in which plus sized black women are treated in today's society. From the mammy stereotype all the way to modern day images, my weight has affected the way the way in which people view me.

These are all issues that women like Star Jones can relate to. Not so long ago, she herself was the cause of much controversy because of her weight. So, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to invite her to my show. I thought she could relate.

I thought wrong!

I sent her a couple of tweets telling her that I would love for her to come and see my show and that I wanted to give her a comp ticket. (There is even a part of the show where I reference drawing strength from her.)

This is the Direct Message that I got back from her:
"Pls don't advertise on my timeline. I don't allow people to promote their personal endeavors. delete or i'll have to block."

WTF? Is she serious?

I was not using her Twitter page to promote myself. I really wanted her to come. I invited Sandra Bernhard, who is my idol ... and she told me that she would love to come, and she even tweeted for people to follow me. I sent a message to Sherri Sheppard (whom I adore, and with whom I'm also in the movie Precious) and Sherri told me she would also come and see the show and she tweeted for others to come and see it as well. What's even more beautiful is that both Sherri and Sandra refused to take a comp ticket because they understand my struggle as a comic! Whoopi is lucky that she does not tweet, cause guess what ... I'd invite her too! (Anyone know if Joy Behar tweets ... I love her too.) :)

So what's Star's problem? Why does she hate me so much?

I mean, I learned the power of shameless self promotion from her. For a woman who used her wedding to advertise everything from mouthwash to condoms, how could she ever criticize me for promoting myself?

What's even crazier is that Star and I are both members of the same Church in Brooklyn. I met her before at a book signing. She was not very friendly then either, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Here's what she tweeted about that:
"I just got cussed out on Twitter by someone from my church b/c I asked her (by DM mind you) not to advertise her "show" on my timeline"

then Star followed by saying:
"she called me an 'evil mean B' in one tweet & told me she met me at church in the next. And you wonder why folk don't trust Christians. LOL"

First of all, Yes Star, I am a Christian. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I advise you to put that stone down girl! I thought Church was for sinners like me. Would you go to the hospital to get cured of a disease that you never had? And people don't trust Christians because of people like you that tweet bible versus, but don't live by them. If I tweeted to Jesus, I bet he would come to see my show!

Secondly, I did not curse Star Jones out, although I wanted to. I did call her an evil mean bitch! It takes one to know one, and being the "Fat Bitch!" that I am ... I call it as I see it.

No matter what, I still respect Star, and I think she is a very talented woman. And even though she lost weight, I'm proud to say that she's still a "Fat Bitch!" at heart! And, I'll never invite her to my "show" again!

But I will invite you! See you there!

FAT BITCH! A One Woman Show by Erica Watson
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is a funny, provocative glimpse at the American "fat and sassy" black woman stereotype.
Plus-sized performer Erica Watson explores society's obsession with weight, race and class and how black women's bodies have always been subjected to both admiration and ridicule.

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