Stupidity Is Your Pre-Existing Condition

11/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Because a few town hallers got more press time than sane people, the Democrats lost the month of August. Why are the cable nuts winning?

I can't believe Democrats are running around like wimps when 70% of Americans support health care reform. They are caving in to every right-wing pundit telling lies. It's like running a race where you're just about to cross the finish line in first place, but because some idiot in the stands screams, "You're losing," you stop running to explain to the man that he is obviously distorting the truth. You then end up in last place.

A Republican knows how to win a race with no support. If they ran a race, they'd come in last but then question the judge's sanity. The judge would be thrown in the Looney Bin and the Republican would be declared the winner.

Republicans play mean hardball. Democrats cave. Just look at Joe Wilson's heckling of Obama during his speech before the Joint Session of Congress.

Do you remember that there was another Joe Wilson in the last administration? Remember Ambassador Joe Wilson who also called the President a liar for claiming there was nuclear yellowcake in Africa? How did President Bush respond to Wilson? That Republican president hit hard and exposed his wife's CIA identity, which if she had been on a mission at the time, would have ended in her death. Pretty ballsy to try and kill the opposition's wife.

How did Democrats react last week to their Joe Wilson (who I like to call "Joe the Dumber")? The Dems buckled and gave him what he wanted. They changed the health care bill to specifically state that it excluded illegals from Healthcare even though the original legislation didn't give it to them in the first place. It's like admitting fault for something you didn't do. Even O.J.'s not that stupid.

I'm glad that Obama said in his big speech that Healthcare is a moral issue, but unfortunately morality can be debated. Morality is a wishy-washy thing and the Republicans claim to be the last bastions of it. Healthcare is more than a moral issue; it is a Human Right. Once you get people to agree to this then the debate can be put to rest. No one debates whether slavery is wrong any longer because it's not a moral issue but a Human Rights issue. If it were merely immoral, we'd still have slaves today but we'd just consider slave-owners as seedy individuals like strip club owners or loan sharks.

I think the right to stay alive is as important than the right to free speech, because you can't say many words when you die at age 20 from a pre-existing condition.

Republicans want you to be free of government... at the expense of your health. Their slogan isn't "Live Free or Die." It's just plain "Die Free."