Time Heals All Wounds

10/27/2010 06:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

September 23, 2010 started as any other day in the 8th district of Florida, and the rest of the United States; coffee was brewed, workers started their day, children continued to receive inadequate educations, the rich got richer, and the sick got sicker. In the 8th district of Florida Alan Grayson led in the polls by 13%, and his campaign was planning to launch an ad that would certainly pull him a full 20% ahead of his opponent Daniel Webster. I can only imagine the now infamous "Taliban Dan" ad was released by the campaign to take Webster out at the knees, they certainly could not have predicted the backlash that followed. By September 29, 2010 Grayson had slipped behind Webster by 7 points. What's a candidate to do?

Wait it out... and that's what he's done. Grayson did not walk away quietly. He held his ground. Webster is a proponent of covenant marriage, Webster did vote to take away bingo and happy hour., People came down hard on Grayson for the "half truths" in Taliban Dan, but it turns out there were more truths than they realized. Perhaps that is why Webster refuses to face Grayson in a debate the weekend before election Tuesday. Today Fox News Orlando declared the race between Grayson and Webster too close to call only a few short days after the polls showed Webster with a 16 point lead over Grayson. Goes to show you after tempers settle, people do know what's best for them, and mom was right; time does heal all wounds.

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