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Apparently I'm Supposed to Care Which Candidate is "Sexy"

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What the HELL is this crap? Are you serious? A poll asking South Carolina voters which presidential candidate is the SEXIEST. Really?

I'm just curious what is accomplished by a poll like this, why any polling company would ask this question, and why the hell they think I care.

The President of Public Policy Polling, Dean Debnam, agrees this is silly, "Politics doesn't always have to be completely serious," he says in the press release. "We did this survey to remind folks to keep their senses of humor during this intense election season."

Yeah, I'm not laughing.

If you want me to keep my sense of humor, how about asking me which candidate tells the best joke. Or which candidate is mostly likely to have a beer at the local pub. Draw me a funny political cartoon. Let me just state I'm stretching with those examples, because I really am not sure this election needs to have a sense of humor. Some "light" moments-I'll give ya' that...but my sense of humor just doesn't come into play with dead soldiers and Iraqis, families struggling to pay their mortgage, lives-hanging-in-the-balance, fate-of-our-country politics.

But let's tackle the bigger issue here and why this poll makes me roll my eyes and want to move to Canada-ENOUGH with the sexy crap. Obama girl, Hillary boy, Edward's hair, Clinton's cleavage-ENOUGH already.

What does even discussing which candidate is SEXY accomplish in the bigger picture aside from the few chuckles the polling folks were hoping for?

It reinforces that "sexy" matters.

It reinforces the idea that Americans care more about Oprah than Obama.

It reinforces to my daughter she needs to be thin, beautiful, and slutty.

It reinforces to my son SEXY counts when trying to win over the world.

It reinforces to ME some voters care more about American Idol and Britney's custody case and will actually cast their ballot for the candidate who has the best stylist.

It reinforces to the cadidates the false notion 8.3 million readers of care more about fluff than the issues.

Maybe I have no sense of humor this morning. Maybe I woke up to find this poll and am overreacting. I'll admit I'm feeling rather cynical this weekend.
Or maybe I'm tired of some woman shaking her ass all over national tv for Obama and the media discussing necklines and skin.

We have quips about looking "too" feminine or "mannish"-leading to snark about tears in New Hampshire. We have polls measuring the next leader of the free world's SEXY.

Enough. Please. Enough

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