11/13/2010 09:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Inviting All Educators Worldwide to a Revolutionary Conference on Global Education Starting on Monday, Nov.15

Something super exciting and revolutionary for educators worldwide is happening next week, November 15-19. It is an easy-to-attend conference promoting global education which is critical to achieving peace and understanding in the world today, an important issue for all educators.

It is a first of its kind and it is only possible thanks to the web and video-conferencing. There are hundreds of great sessions and sixty keynotes. There are even six tracks to choose between: teacher, student, curriculum,policy, global issues, and learning.

This is an important conference that educators world wide can attend without having to fly anywhere. You can access it from your computer!! Now that is my kind of conference. You just go to this website Global Education Conference, and use the easy to use Elluminate videoconferencing platform. By the way, it is free.
The conference has 387 sessions from 62 countries in multiple languages over the five day period. Sessions are held all day and night to maximize participation in all the time zones.

Truely amazing.

They expect between 10,000 to 15,000 participants but that doesn't mean participants will have a hard time. They have a super easy participant platform which involves video conferencing. You can even ask questions and participate. All the information is available on this website.

This conference is being organized by two super people dedicated to education, Steve Hargadon, conference Co-Chair and creator of the Classroom 2.0 social network for educators and Lucy Gray, conference Co-chair and founder of the Global Education Collaborative.

Says Lucy, "In order to participate in a knowledge-based economy, students must be able to connect, communicate and collaborate, and teachers must model this for their kids." I couldn't agree more. All educators should pick some sessions they like and attend. Lots of great ideas for all educators!