05/26/2005 12:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Another History/Geography Puzzle:

Name the European nations that have at one point governed parts of the Western Hemisphere (not including Greenland, Iceland, or any Viking colonies in the Americas); and for each country, name all the places that they have so governed, up to a maximum of three.

Please, factual assertions only -- no guessing (e.g., "Hey, didn't Luxembourg have something out here somewhere?"). If you believe your claim is controversial ("Little-known fact: Latvia once ran an island in the Caribbean"), please pass along supporting evidence (a URL would do fine). For each European country you list, indicate the specific possessions; thus, don't just say "England," but say something like "England: British Honduras, Guyana, and the Falklands." Also, the country must have governed the location; it's not enough that a bunch of emigrants set up a town there: Denmark doesn't get to claim Solvang, California just because a lot of Danish people settled there.

Include the answers in the comments; the person who gets the most comprehensive and accurate list will get the undying respect and admiration of all readers and fellow posters. But please read the rules carefully, and follow them precisely: (1) Include European countries only. (2) Limit it to countries that have governed a place. (3) Provide facts, not guesses, backed up with URLs if they're controversial. (4) List up to three possessions per country. And (5) don't speculate what the political message behind this post is; there isn't one. I just figured that this blog would attract an intellectual sort of reader, that many such readers also like history and geography, and that some of those people would enjoy puzzles like this.

I will post the answer tomorrow.