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HEY 'YA (Let's Go): Arab Women in Sport by Brigitte Lacombe

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In celebration of the 2012 London Olympics, Hey 'Ya: Arab Women in Sport, the first exhibition by the renowned French photographer Brigitte Lacombe with the documentary film-maker Marian Lacombe, will be on view at Sotheby's Gallery, London from July 25 to August 11, 2012.

Commissioned by Qatar Museums Authority, this timely exhibition is a visual exploration of Arab women in sport, and features a new series of large-scale photographs by Brigitte Lacombe of more than 50 women athletes, from beginners to Olympians, from 20 different Arab countries, shown alongside videos by her sister, Marian Lacombe, which situate images within the women's personal histories and a wider -- often unspoken -- discourse of gender, culture and sport in the Arab world.

The project, shot over a period of seven months, began in December 2011, in the Athletes Village at the Arab Games in Doha, where Brigitte and Marian Lacombe set up their own outdoor studio, working side by side. Thereafter they travelled working with women athletes of all ages and levels of achievement in countries from the Gulf to North Africa. With the support of Qatar's Aspire program, which promotes sporting opportunities for young people, they also worked with the talented younger generation of sporting hopefuls.

Hey 'Ya: Arab Women in Sport
 Basketball player Amal Mohammad Awad, from Qatar Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
 Equestrian Dalma Malhas, from Saudi Arabia Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
 Athlete Feta Ahamada, from Cormoros Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
 Basketball player Miriam Hussein, from Somalia Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
Swimmer Nada Mohammed Wafa Arakji, from Qatar Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
 Fencer Sarra Besbes, from Tunisia Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums Authority
Athletics Team from Sudan Photograph © Brigitte Lacombe / Qatar Museums AuthorityCourtesy of the artist / Qatar Museums Authority / Sotheby's Gallery, London

He 'Ya Arab Women in Sport
Sotheby's Gallery, London
July 25 - August 11, 2012
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