12/21/2011 12:03 pm ET | Updated Feb 20, 2012

Christian Tagliavini; 1503 -- A Visionary Renaissance

Taking 13 months to complete, 1503 is largely inspired by the masters of the Renaissance, notably Agnolo di Cosimo ( known as "Il Bronzino") who was born in the same year as the title. Using cardboard and paper in place of materials allows Christian Tagliavini to design each item from the patterning to the final construction of the form completely.

In this visionary Renaissance nine still characters are portrayed in striking handcrafted clothes made by Tagliavini himself. Set against the backdrop of art history, the Swiss-Italian artist wields his lens after the long complex process of designing, building and making to create his mis en scene.

From beginning to completion, Tagliavini's work is a labour of love. He admits that he enjoys the process as much as the resulting photograph.

Christian Tagliavini lives in Lugano, Switzerland, and works as a graphic designer and photographer.

1503 is currently on view at Diemar / Noble Photography, London.

© Christian Tagliavini
Lucrezia © Christian Tagliavini
Lady Clotilde © Christian Tagliavini
Bartolomeo © Christian Tagliavini
Portrait of a Lady in Green © Christian Tagliavini
Portrait of a Man © Christian Tagliavini
Artemisia © Christian Tagliavini
Portrait of a Young Woman © Christian Tagliavini
Portrait of a Young Man with Plumed Hat © Christian Tagliavini

Courtesy Christian Tagliavini / Diemar/Noble Photography
Christian Tagliavini: 1503, November 3, 2011 - January 7, 2012
Diemar/Noble Photography, London
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