The Faithful Shopper: New Year, New Stores

01/13/2012 07:35 pm 19:35:42 | Updated Mar 14, 2012

Welcome to 2012, Faithful Shoppers! And as always, we're already anticipating the opening of a new crop of retailers ready to serve our fashion needs. Some of these will be opening later rather than sooner, so keep checking the web sites to find out when they'll be ready - and I'll see you all on opening day!

Major Gems   2012-01-12-Tiffanypanel1.jpg Tiffany - 97 Greene/106 Wooster This local classic has already expanded to the Financial District -- it will be fun to see how it recreates itself for Soho.

2012-01-12-LouisVuittonpanel1.jpg Louis Vuitton - 743 Fifth Avenue When you want to showcase a new line of spectacular gems, just buy the store next door -- and I can't wait to see what they do.   The Designer Statement   2012-01-12-ProenzaSchoulerpanel1.jpg Proenza Schouler - No location yet We know this New York City label (founders Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez met as students at the Parsons School of Design) beloved by celebrities is looking for locations for its first boutique. When it opens, it will be fabulous!   2012-01-12-YvesSaintLaurentpanel1.jpg Yves St. Laurent - 147 Mercer Street This one should be opening fairly soon, with YSL's classic clothing and accessories.   2012-01-12-Celinepanel1.jpg Celine - 870 Madison Avenue There's a reason Phoebe Philo has been an International Designer of the Year -- and soon her minimalist chic, found at the most posh department stores, will have a full presentation here.

2012-01-12-LisaPerrypanel1.jpg Lisa Perry - 988 Madison Avenue Great designs with great fabrics at affordable prices are the hallmark of this fashion maven, who's relocating from elsewhere on Madison.

2012-01-12-MichaelKorspanel1.jpg Michael Kors - 667 Madison Avenue Yes, it does seem as though Kors is trying to take over the city (okay, Kors and Marc Jacobs), but when the apparel and accessories are so wonderful, who cares?   2012-01-12-TedBakerpanel1.jpg Ted Baker - 595 Fifth Avenue Originally a shirt specialist in Scotland, this British import is one of the hottest international lifestyle brands. Find out why at this latest boutique, which will showcase its menswear, women's apparel and more.

The Reborn

2012-01-13-GiorgioArmanipanel1.jpg Giorgio Armani - 760 Madison Avenue A complete gut renovation, being completed as I write, should be as classically stylish as Armani's clothes and accessories.

2012-01-13-BergdorfGoodmanpanel1.jpg Bergdorf Goodman Men's - 745 Fifth Avenue The first phase of this complete redo, the third floor Lanvin shop, was completed just before Christmas. Look for many more changes by fall.

 2012-01-12-Macyspanel1.jpg Macy's - 151 West 34th Street The renovation to end all renovations, to the tune of $400 million.

And those are just the beginning of what already is shaping up to be a year filled with the new and amazing.

Happy Shopping!