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Mike Bender


The Wedding Toast

Mike Bender | Posted June 26, 2012

Recently, it was my turn to take the plunge, and while my grandparents were not able to make the trip across the country to attend the wedding, they sent along this inspiring and unforgettable wedding toast to me and my wife.
Camille Beredjick


'Two Granddaughters': What My Grandmother Taught Me About Marriage Equality

Camille Beredjick | Posted June 26, 2012

A few days after I talked to my grandma, she asked if I was going to marry my girlfriend, because that's what you do when you love someone: you marry them. She gets it. So can Illinois.


A Loss of Family and a Change of Faith

KidSpirit | Posted June 26, 2012

In the year since my grandfather's death, my views on faith and religion have changed a lot. After much inward debate I have decided to give up Judaism and become agnostic.
Stacey Gordon


The Death of Memory

Stacey Gordon | Posted June 26, 2012

As I was tucking my 10-year-old into bed, she suddenly cried out "Mommy, please don't ever forget me! Don't lose your memory and forget why I'm important to you. I need you to know me."
Dorian de Wind


How a Dutch Facility Takes Care of its Residents Suffering from Severe Dementia

Dorian de Wind | Posted June 26, 2012

The idea behind Hogewey is to put the patients in more familiar surroundings where they might "experience the smells and sounds of a normal household," where they don't have to sit alone.
Ann Brenoff


Me, Bruce, And A Colonoscopy

Ann Brenoff | Posted June 26, 2012

I just had the ultimate boomer moment: I booked a colonoscopy for the same day that I had tickets to see Bruce Springsteen.
David Leddick


Over Sixty? You're A Sextennial! You're a New Maverick!

David Leddick | Posted June 26, 2012

If you're a Sextennial, now is the time to do all that living that you may have missed out on.
Marlo Thomas


National Humor Month: Laughing Your Way to Good Health

Marlo Thomas | Posted June 26, 2012

There are two things I like to do every day of my life -- look after my health, and laugh. Not a bad combo, right? But did you know that by doing the second, you're also doing the first?