9 Ways To Get Your Kale On This Winter

12/09/2011 09:33 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

As the last of the summer jam stock dwindles, and root vegetables take up residence in our crispers, we begin to appreciate freshness wherever we can find it. It is a rare thing to find one single food (let alone a vegetable) that does the nutritional work of all of its counterparts combined -- and is built to thrive through the winter. Enter kale: This gorgeous green is lively and toothsome with an addictive peppery bite. Steamed, sauteed or dressed up raw in a salad, kale is delicious when prepared with a little finesse.

Even the most glorious greens are best paired with a little dose of decadence. No need to trick the serial carnivores into eating their veggies; these delectable kale recipes will convert even the biggest superfood-phobic. Here are nine of our favorite ways to turn this nutritional powerhouse into a delight.

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Kale: The Little Superfood That Could