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10 Easy D.I.Y. Kitchen Staples

Posted: 07/18/11 10:52 AM ET

A bottle of ketchup is such a ubiquitous refrigerator staple that it might never occur to you to make your own. But homemade ketchup is easy to make, impressive to serve and more or less guarantees at least one "wow" from your guests. Even if you're eating alone, you'll be proud to know that you made an effort, and it paid off.

Try your hand at these 10 easy do-it-yourself essentials, and enjoy the looks on your friends' faces when you show up to the party with delicious, homemade beef jerky that hasn't been hanging in a gas station mini-mart for six months. Are you the most popular person there? Why yes, you are. And now all your delicious homemade jerky's gone.

1. Homemade Potato Chips
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Easily impress by elevating the most mundane snacks to homemade status. It only takes minutes to fry up potato slices and the results are far superior to any bag of kettle chips we’ve ever tried.

How: Homemade Potato Chip Recipe
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