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5 Farm-to-Cone Ice Creams

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When the weather soars into the 90s there is only one place I want to be: in an air-conditioned room or a breezy porch, with a scoop of ice cream, naturally. Plenty of other delectable frozen treats are welcome to join, however.

You don't have to stick with tubs of conventional ice cream brands where the ingredients, while indulgent, have an unknown origin. Up the ante by buying a pint made by a company that believes in adding farm-fresh, artisanal ingredients for flavor (unless of course you'd rather make your own). Just ask the nice folks running the Coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck.

From strawberry ice cream so fresh-tasting you'd swear the berries were picked yesterday to the ultimate treat for the lactose-intolerant, ice cream has never been so hot.

Head over to Food Republic for our 5 Farm-to-Cone Ice Creams.

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