10 Things To Know About Rum

09/14/2012 09:55 am ET | Updated Nov 14, 2012
Food Republic

by Emily Saladino

The Rodney Dangerfield of spirits, rum, is rarely given its fair due. In the post-Hemingway world of serious drinkers, it's either maligned as super saccharine, or pigeonholed as a beachside one-trick-pony.

But a rum renaissance is upon us. An increasingly curious cocktail culture is embracing the diversity of the spirit, which ranges from light and dry to dark and rich. Like mezcal and sotol before it, rum's rediscovery is in turn leading to better availability in the U.S.

From Brooklyn's Clover Club to the Caribbean, the best bartenders and mixologists are crafting rum into cocktails and lists that are conspicuously Captain-free. It's time to rewrite your rum diary. That's why we've compiled 10 things you might not know about rum, plus recommendations for some of the world's best under-the-radar bottles and killer cocktails.

Food Republic's Things To Know About Rum