10/30/2013 09:20 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

10 Culinary Maxims: Kitchen Rules To Live By


First appeared on Food Riot, by Brett Sandusky

On Communal Wine: If a friend comes over with a bottle of wine, and the occasion is not a large gathering, said bottle should be opened and shared with said friend.

On Silver and Flatware: When taking out flatware for oneself, always take out enough flatware for everyone you expect to be joining you for the meal.

On Baguette Butts: If you purchase the baguette, you have earned the right to rip off the end and eat it on the way home.

On Single-Use Gadgets: While sometimes unavoidable, one should strive to eliminate as many single-use gadgets from their kitchen repertoire as humanly possible. The same goes for having an overage of spatulas and flipping implements. For most things, a simple wooden spoon and a shake of the pan will suffice.

On Brown Liquor: If you have to mask the taste, drink clear liquor.

On Clear Liquor: If you have to mask the taste, drink soda pop.

On Teas and Tisanes: Teas and tisanes of myriad varieties must be consumed in the fall and winter months. Loose tea is always preferable to bagged.

On Cheese Division: If you are cutting a triangular piece of cheese, make one cut along the edge, always careful to leave a point, yielding a rectangular slice. If you are cutting into a wheel of cheese, make two cuts from the center to the outside of the wheel, and remove a small triangle of cheese suitable for consumption.

On Charcuterie and Cured Meats: Always serve with cornichons, lest life cease to continue.

On Musical Entertainment Whilst Cooking: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Nina Simone and a glass of wine are all acceptable. In fact, they are all highly encouraged.

What are your kitchen rules that you live by?

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