03/27/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012


How is it that when we do or say something different from what is commonly accepted it is defined as controversial, thus sparking controversy? As a rule I find it very interesting to hear opinions that are different from mine, and at times they make me think in a different way. Each issue of Vogue Italia is seen as controversial and I have found it doesn't bother me at all. It is also amusing to observe how people react to a specific cover or editorial: You realize that you had a certain idea in mind and then find out that people perceive it in an opposite way from what you intended. And although you feel sorry about that, you often find it hard to understand.

It's odd how misunderstanding an idea may lead someone so far away from the original intention. I am hugely amazed by that. But it doesn't bother me, as I was saying. I often wonder what strange reasons make people believe that a too-strong make-up must be inspired by drag queens and thus consider the editorial as offensive towards them. I wonder how do people fail to see that a tiny waistline is obviously retouched using Photoshop only to illustrate the true story of a woman who had a 13-inch waist, while Stella Tennant is totally healthy. We started a petition to close pro-ana websites, and I hear that I'm a hypocrite because we do use thin models -- and I say "thin." Not anorexic.

Does this mean that remaining silent and unconcerned is a healthier attitude? They call me a hypocrite, but at least I make waves and I try to do something about it, rather than ignoring the issue altogether. I released an issue on black girls at exactly the same time when Obama won against Hillary Clinton, and many papers wrote I had profit in mind. But you don't do a magazine just like you bake bread -- water, flour and oven -- you need at least three months. It has been a fortunate coincidence and the same issue would have been released in any case, even if Obama's rival had won.

I would like to emphasize again that I find it stimulating when people see me as controversial. I am inspired to look for new ideas and I like taking chances. This is the magazine's DNA -- and I like you, because your opinions are honest and straightforward. Thank you.

P.S. Marina Abramović is a great artist and being part of her performance has been an amazing experience!

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