10/31/2011 09:56 am ET | Updated Dec 31, 2011

Unemployed Monsters: The Jobless Horseman

Jobless claims may have decreased last week, but the unemployment rate for monsters, like the monsters themselves, is vicious. Worse, there's no site to help these monsters find jobs.

You've seen the evidence yourself: Every day there's another down-on-his-luck mad scientist's assistant on the street, holding a sign that reads, "Will hunchback for food."

Sure, there's an increase in employment opportunities during Halloween, but banks have already started foreclosing on the closets that monsters are living in, and most zombies can't even get hired to work at an Arby's. Instead they're forced to sell their body parts to the Arby's as lunch meat.

My book Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside addresses these and other issues faced by monsters. In this slideshow, you'll see the illustrator Willie Real's depictions of creatures who are looking for a hand up, not a hand out, although most will also accept a hand sandwich.

Unemployed Monsters