02/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

How Did You Answer Obama's Call to Service? (Send Us Your Photos)

Last December, Barack Obama called upon Americans to participate in a Day of National Service on MLK Day, 2009. When Jan. 19th rolled around, the then-President-elect and his veep put their money where their mouths were, helping out with various community service projects throughout the nation's capital.

How did you answer President Barack Obama's call to service? Send us your photos - one per e-mail - at

On National Service Day, HuffPost Living posted a slideshow of the Obamas and Bidens giving back. Now we want photos of you, your families and your friends putting in time for your communities. Whether it be painting walls and building homes, volunteering for a local soup kitchen or cleaning up a local park, we're looking for shots of citizens-in-action, working on behalf of their neighbors.

Send us your photos at Format your photos to 550x400 pixels, and be sure to include a caption and photographer's credit in the e-mail itself.