08/18/2010 12:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

#knowyourworth - Rev Up Your Self-Worth and Your Net Worth

I recently witnessed the hashtag #knowyourworth blow up on the Twittersphere. Who'd have thought a pound sign and thirteen characters could mean so much? But behind this tweet slang is an army of women ready, willing and able to step into their personal and financial power.

The #knowyourworth frenzy began last Wednesday night during a free tele-class led by founder Amanda Steinberg and me (I'm a self-help book author and lecturer). On the call we shared our stories of overcoming struggles in the arena of personal and financial growth. We admitted to our former fears of asking for more, negotiating and poor spending habits. We kept it real. Then we offered up simple tools for how we overcame these limitations and began creating abundance in all areas of our lives.

Following the call, the 1,000 women throughout the world who listened in were fired up and ready to get their worth on. The tweets poured in. These women were thrilled to hear they weren't alone when it came to personal/financial insecurity. Most importantly, they were psyched to have guidance on releasing their blocks to abundance. This topic is more relevant now than ever. According to Amanda, "Women still make 20% less than men because we don't understand our real market value. We often approach jobs and contracts with fear and insecurity, hoping 'they'll want us,' and not thinking about the established market value of what we bring to the table."

Seven months ago I learned that the wage gap was still significant between men and women. I was forced to get honest with myself and I came to realize that I was contributing to the 20%. Even after ten years of being an entrepreneur I still got tripped up when it came to declaring what I wanted, asking for more and negotiating. I looked closely at how fear had kept me from earning more. Rather than sit on my ass and complain about this I decided to take action. I put myself on a 90-day Knowing My Worth challenge (I've kept it going since January 2010). In this time I've challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone, ask for what I want, practice negotiating, meditate on my desires and become super clear about my value.

To further enhance my 90-day plan I teamed up with Amanda for additional support. She threw down her practical tools for negotiating, saving, and earning more. She guided me to reverse my old ways of thinking and cheered me on when I'd come out on top. I'm thrilled to say it worked. In that time I sold my second book, powerfully negotiated half a dozen agreements, raised my hourly rates and secured more new business than ever before. I don't say this to brag but to inspire. I made a serious commitment to believe in myself, enabling me to shift my internal state--and the outside world has reflected it back. Best of all, I'm proud of myself.

It became clear that the work we were doing was not just for us but also for the future of our female contemporaries. It's about time that we all #knowourworth. Therefore, after months of practicing my Knowing My Worth plan I teamed up with Amanda to share it with the world. Together we've created a four-week course to empower women from the inside out, incorporating my self-help tools with Amanda's practical guidance. We've designed a powerhouse plan for reconditioning your thinking and creating miraculous shifts.

If you're sick of under-earning, not negotiating and devaluing yourself, our program is for you. In this four-week course you'll be guided to uncover your fears, stretch beyond your limiting beliefs, shift your financial perceptions and manifest abundance. You'll receive practical tools to help you take powerful action in your earning and savings capacity. Amanda and I are thrilled to share this content with you because we #knowyourworth.

Join us on 9/15, 9/22, 9/29 and 10/6 for Know~ing Your Worth - A Course on Personal and Financial Abundance.

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