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How to Snag a Sitter on New Year's Eve

By Lynn Perkins, CEO and founder, UrbanSitter for

After the hullabaloo of December comes and goes, it's hard to believe you must gather your wits about you and muster excitement for yet another "holiday."

Whether you love or despise New Year's Eve, most parents will attest to the challenge of not only finding a babysitter, but also deciphering her going rate for that particular night.

What to pay
UrbanSitter conducted a survey of 395 parents in November and December and here's what we found: Most parents expect to pay a premium to lock in a sitter on New Year's Eve.

25% expect to pay a babysitter their normal rate

46% expect to pay 1.5 times the normal rate

29% expect to pay 2 times the normal rate

So how much should you pay? This fabulous infographic charts what sitters in major cities are getting. There's quite a range. For two children, expect $9 (St. Louis) to $17 (NYC and San Francisco). Here are nine things, from where you live to how many kids will need care, to consider when you're calculating the rate you pay babysitters.

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When to book
Of course, it behooves you to book your sitter early. When you book early and offer a premium rate, it's hard for the sitter to back out. Most parents feel that the extra money is worth the lack of stress. Think of it this way -- what you are spending in cash, you are saving in mental health! Also, when you think of the invitations the sitter might be turning down, it makes sense to pay more.

A necessary "extra"
Another thing to consider is the logistics of having the sitter stay overnight or paying for her cab ride home. If you have a sitter that drives, this is a non-issue, but for the young ones and those that live in the city, cab fare or an offer to sleep on your couch is a must.

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Other ways to say "thank you"
Have a fun dinner prepped -- make-your-own pizzas, a cupcake bar, maybe root beer floats. Or have dinner that kids and sitter alike will enjoy. Ask ahead of time what the babysitter's favorite take-out place is, if she there is a sandwich she's been craving or send him a link to the take-out menu and let him pick his own dish. Have plenty of snacks on hand. And if you have cable or a subscription online movie service, offer the sitter the opportunity to order a movie once the kids are in bed.

In the end, no matter what your NYE plans, why not plan ahead so you can actually enjoy your evening out?

Do you already have a sitter for New Year's Eve? What do you expect to pay?

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