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Comprehensive Veterans Hiring Handbook Available for Detroit and All Michigan-Based Employers

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Military veterans offer employers the work ethic and unique training that may take your business to the next level. Through recent federal and state legislation there are also dollars attached to hiring veterans.

The Detroit City Council Taskforce on Military and Veterans Affairs has issued a comprehensive Veterans Hiring Handbook for employers that shares the benefits, including the state and federal incentives available to employers. I encourage you to review this handbook, and share it with your employer and employers you may know.

On a related note, there are 20,500 jobs available for veterans at the upcoming Veterans Hiring Fair at Cobo Center on June 26-28. Veterans and immediate family members seeking jobs may register online.

Veterans have made sacrifices to protect our freedoms. It is our duty to give them a fresh start following active service. The handbook outlines the benefits -- tangible and intangible -- that help businesses thrive by hiring veterans.