Heckuva Carbon Footprint, Mr. President!

03/08/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Gary Stager Teacher educator, education journalist, speaker, school reformer, university professor

Today, President Obama took his first trip aboard Air Force One and even got his very own souvenir Air Force One jacket. We all know that we should spare no expense to ensure that the President of the United States is safe and comfortable. That's why he has a fleet of super-duper airplanes at his disposal.

The President took two flights to his destination, a political soireé with his Democratic colleagues in Williamsburg, Virginia.

That's right. Williamsburg!

At a time of deepening financial crisis, House Democratic leaders are holding a junket to Williamsburg, a day-trip for families visiting the nation's capitol. Was there insufficient government space within D.C. for their "retreat?" How is this behavior different from that of AIG, Bank of America or Wells Fargo executives?

Back to the President's excellent Air Force One adventure...

According to Google Maps, a drive from the White House to Williamsburg, Virginia is 153 miles (about 2 hours and 40 minutes)

Instead, the President flew Marine One between 10-15 miles to Andrew Air Force Base and then took Air Force One to Williamsburg.

The driving distance between Andrews AFB and Williamsburg is 158 miles (about 2 hours 47 minutes) It's a pretty straight shot though.

Vice President Biden might have suggested that the President take Amtrak. A ticket only costs $53. Heck, you're President of the United States, upgrade your seat for $19 more.

Any idea what these flights cost? How about the Congressional retreat? I know who pays for the President's travel, but who sponsored the Congressional retreat?