An Interactive State of the City

01/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today I am unveiling the first three webisodes of my web-only "Interactive State of the City" simultaneously on San Francisco's city website,, and on YouTube.

Instead of a traditional speech behind a podium, this year I am delivering my State of the City address directly to my constituents in a series of ten webisodes. Each webisode will be posted on the city website and on my new YouTube channel.

Today my new YouTube site is going live at, where you will be able to submit on video your own ideas for improving city government.

I am committed to using technology to cultivate an ongoing conversation with my constituents. Now our YouTube site gives us one more channel for communication.

My commitment to using technology for direct communication is yielding measurable results. So far in 2008, the mayor's page on the city website has received over 27.6 million hits - up from 3.8 million in 2006. I have also worked hard to establish a significant presence on online communities such as Facebook and as an online columnist on Huffington Post.

I recorded the webisodes at the new Academy of Sciences, which stands as a symbol of the great achievement our city is capable of.

Despite severe budget constraints and declining investment by the federal and state governments, what we have accomplished - and will soon accomplish - proves that a city can continue to be bold and innovative even in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Today I will post the first three webisodes, focused on health care, education and the environment. I'll post the remainder of the webisodes throughout the week:


Violence Prevention

Economic Climate
Economic Development

Emergency Planning
Public Art