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July 31, 2014

Meet New York Giants' David Tyree's Anti-Gay 'Spiritual Mother,' Who Says Jews 'Own Everything'

David Tyree Rob Kim/Getty Images

How could she, as his zealously anti-gay religious mentor and self-avowed "demon buster," possibly tolerate his "evolving" on something that is so fundamental to her belief system? But if it's truly the case that he's evolved, Tyree can let us all know that he completely disavows her radical views on homosexuality.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Registry For Same-Sex Couples

Wisconsin Statehouse
fdastudillo via Getty Images

Despite Court Ruling, State's Same-Sex Couples Still Denied Marriage Equality

Gay Marriage
Shutterstock / Alexander Demyanenko

Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Pretty Much Every Tech Company


Meet New York Giants' David Tyree's Anti-Gay 'Spiritual Mother,' Who Says Jews 'Own Everything'

David Tyree
Rob Kim/Getty Images

By Michelangelo Signorile, Gay Voices Editor-At-Large

Breaking: The War Over Same Sex Marriage Has Been Won!

Lesbian Marriage

The Transgender Crucible: How CeCe McDonald Became A Folk Hero


Here They Go Again...


This Woman Just Made Queer History (But It Only Lasted For A Few Hours)

Toni Atkins
Toni G. Atkins

(But It'll Only Last For A Few Hours)

WATCH: Skateboarding Legend Backs Gay Marriage

Tony Hawk Gay Marriage
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

Gay Shame And Grindr


Couples Answer The One Question You're Afraid To Ask Your Partner

Lesbian Infidelity

Gays Want Christians 'To Have Open Sex With Everybody,' Pat Robertson Claims

Pat Robertson Gay Christians
Medioimages/Photodisc via Getty Images

Want More Orgasms? Use Your Head

Lesbian Sex
Shutterstock / Wallenrock

Katy Perry Isn't Thrilled That Cultural Appropriation Is Uncool

Katy Perry Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone

Follow The Journey Of This Beloved Lesbian Athlete During Her Off-Season

Brittney Griner
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

Protests Mount Against Music Festival That Excludes Trans Women

shaunl via Getty Images

Genius Single Lady 'Beyoncified' Photos Of Her Ex, Proving No One Is 'Irreplaceable'

Beyonce 2
Cassandra Blackwell/Beyoncify My Boyfriend Tumblr

What Does It Mean To Be Trans Today?

Amos Mac

Why You Shouldn't Fear Coming Out If You're Over 50

Coming Out Older
Gary John Norman via Getty Images

Court Halts Gay Marriages In Colorado County

Gay Marriage Hands

The Declining Wage Gap For Gay Men

Adam Gault via Getty Images

Come See The 'Drag Explosion' Of The '80s And '90s

Drag Explosion
Linda Simpson

More Queer Cops Coming To Fort Worth?


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Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges In Alleged Gay Hookup In Cemetery

Florida Cemetery Attempted Murder
Dennis K. Johnson via Getty Images

Are Our Gayborhoods Straightening?

Gay Street

The Big Business Of Hepatitis C And HIV

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

How I Learned To 'Choose' My Beauty

Teen Image
Nasir Fleming

This UFC Fighter Just Made A Very Sexy Pro-Gay Move

Legalize Gay

WATCH: Bette Midler's 'Beaches' In Just Under 4 Minutes

Beaches In Under 4 Minutes

A Comedic Tale Of Coming Out, Gay Sex...And The Love Of Broadway

Adam Sank Gay Comedy
Ilaria Conte

Drag Race Star Alaska: Sharon Needles Breakup Still Leads to Awkward Moments

Alaska Drag
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

What The Virginia Gay Marriage Ruling Means For North Carolina, South Carolina And West Virginia

Gay Marriage Virginia
Jay Paul via Getty Images

North Carolina Attorney General To Stop Defending State's Gay Marriage Ban


Why The Education Department Awarded Anti-LGBT Religious Exemptions To These Schools

Education Department Washington
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Uh... Is There Really Going To Be A 'Straight White Guy Festival' In This City?

Straight White Guy Festival

To Be Black, Trans And Brilliant: Lourdes Ashley Hunter

Courtesy of Lourdes Ashley Hunter

Jenny McCarthy Sounds Off On Controversial Hillary Clinton Gay Joke

Jenny Mccarthy
Ilya S. Savenok via Getty Images

Religious Colleges Are Getting Legal Permission To Discriminate

George Fox University Campus
Wikimedia Commons