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April 21, 2015

The 'Utah Compromise' as Seen After the Indiana Tipping Point

What this compromise is not is a model for other states. Utah is a unique entity, and offering ever-increasing room for religious exceptions elsewhere would undermine the value of all antidiscrimination laws. Utah was not going to step back from its broad religious-liberty exceptions, but other states shouldn't expand theirs.

Michele Bachmann: The Rapture Is Coming And It's Obama's Fault (Oh -- And Gay Marriage's Fault Too)

Michele Bachmann
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

These Kids Talking About Marriage Equality Will Give You Hope For The Future


Here's What Happened When This Man's Rapist Appeared Under Facebook's 'People You May Know' Tab

Kevin Kantor

Aging In Gayville

Shutterstock / Kostenko Maxim

A Night Of A Thousand Genders

Transgender Canada

High School Under Fire After Group Of Students Organize 'Anti-Gay Day'

High School Anti Gay Day

Here's Why Sam Smith Doesn't Mind The Word 'Faggot' But Hates This Other 'F' Word

Sam Smith
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Giorgio Armani Says Gay Men Shouldn't 'Dress Homosexual'

Giorgio Armani Gay Men
GABRIEL BOUYS via Getty Images

Lily Tomlin Opens Up About The Long Road To Finally Publicly Discussing Her Sexuality

Lily Tomlin
HuffPost Live

WATCH: Here's Why You Should Never Ask A Gay Couple 'Who's The Woman?'

Gay Couple

Marco Rubio: Being Gay Is Not A Choice

Marco Rubio
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

How I Learned To Love 40 By Posing Naked (NSFW)

Marlen Boro

Is Gender The Gay Marriage Fight's Missing Piece?

Gay Marriage
Myra Iqbal, AOL

Catch A Sneak Peek At Tonight's Steamy 'Cucumber' Episode

Logo TV

'They're Just Good People. And That's Kind Of What It's All About, Isn't It?'

Bourke Deleon
Greg Bourke and Michael DeLeon

The Rise Of The Part-Time Gay Sex Worker

Gay Men Sex
Shutterstock / Deviant

'Just As Boring And Crazy And Loud As Any Other Family'

Cj Family
Paul Campion and Randy Johnson

'An Ordinary Family Who Would Do Anything To Protect Our Kids'

April Rowse
Valerie Macon via Getty Images

ASSEMBLAGE: Meet Queer Artist And Cultural Visionary Love Bailey

Love Bailey
Eric White

Why I'm Unsubscribing From Ageism In The Gay Community

David Vaughn

Here's How One Medical School Is Making LGBT Safe Spaces A Priority

Medical School

An Interview With Drag Race Fan Favorite Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale
Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images

The Way Forward On Religious Freedom And LGBT Civil Rights

Religious Liberty

Sharing The Stories Of LGBTQ Youth: Caitlyn, 18, From Las Vegas

Laurel Golio / We Are the Youth

10 Novel, Absurd, And Irrelevant Arguments Made In Supreme Court Briefs Against Marriage Equality

Supreme Court
Shutterstock / Dave Newman


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The 13 Greatest Sissies Of All Time

Johnny Weir
Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images

The New 'Bold & Beautiful' Face Of Transgenderism

Bold And Beautiful
Gilles Toucas/Bell-Phillip Television Productions

John Green Responds To Troubled Bisexual Fan With An Uplifting Tumblr Message

John Green 2015
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

Homosexuality Has Cost The U.S. Government 'More Than $225 Billion,' Pundit Claims

Gay Pride New York
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

Will 'Scrubs' Stars Come To A Gay Couple's Rescue With Pizza?

Zach Braff Donald
Araya Diaz via Getty Images

Roseanne Looks Back On Her Sitcom's Controversial Lesbian Kiss

Roseanne Abc
ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

'Fault In Our Stars' Heartthrob Reveals Why He's A Devoted LGBT Rights Advocate

Ansel Elgort Gay Marriage
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Suzanne Somers Opens Up About Barry Manilow's Gay Wedding

Suzanne Somers Barry Manilow
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Mortal Kombat Makes History With Its First Gay Character

Mortal Kombat

Changing Attitudes Spark Movement Against Intersex Surgeries For Infants & Children

Shutterstock / Evgeny Atamanenko

Digital Shenanigans Await George And Brad Takei In The New Installment Of Their Web Series

George Takei Brad Takei

OITNB's Taylor Schilling And Carrie Brownstein: More Than Friends? And Does It Matter?

Taylor Schilling Carrie Brownstein
Mark Davis/Getty Images for Variety

Rick Santorum Wouldn't Attend A Gay Wedding

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

San Francisco Catholics Appeal To Pope To Replace Controversial Archbishop

Salvatore Cordileone

This Gay Man Refused To Take 'No' For An Answer And Finally Found His Own Beautiful Family

Let Love
Let Love Define Family Series