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November 30, 2015

'Carol' Isn't a 'Queer Film' But It Is the Queer Film I've Been Waiting For

Haynes dares you, compels you, to fall in love with Blanchett's titular Carol, and by the time you're finally allowed to draw breath at the end, you realise you are already far gone. Shot on a remarkably modest budget, it has the feel of an obvious awards contender and a project any producer should have been willing to fling at least a moderate amount of cash at.

The Amazing Reason Why Two Of Brazil's Biggest Male Stars Are Kissing

Brazil Gay Kiss

Why Abolishing Homophobia Would Actually Uphold Islamic And Moroccan Values

Gay Pride Rainbow
RAUL ARBOLEDA via Getty Images

Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She Likes Caitlyn Better Than Bruce

Kylie Jenner
Michael Rozman

11 Reasons You're Still A Single Gay Man (Thank God!)

Single Man
Mike Harrington via Getty Images

An Important Lessons This Gay Man Learned During Thanksgiving At Home

Fuse via Getty Images

Trans Women And Trans Men Offer Intimate Answers To Personal Questions


Sinead O'Connor Is 'Safe And Sound' After Posting Emotional Note About Overdose

Celebritiesentertainmentsingeraccessoryhand Baghai
Phillip Massey via Getty Images

15 Unexpectedly Candid Tips For Straight Guys From Reddit's Gay Men

Athena Image
Digital Vision. via Getty Images

This Holiday Season, Check Out These 21 Companies That Have Supported LGBT Rights

Athena Image
Alija via Getty Images

Britney Spears Shows Off Her Graceful Dance Moves To Adele's 'Hello'

Athena Image
David Becker via Getty Images

'Psychic' Coming-Of-Consciousness Party Curators Sit Down With HuffPost Gay Voices

Tinker Coalescing

Here's Why Jake Gyllenhaal Didn't Sweat Playing Gay In 'Brokeback Mountain'

Athena Image
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Let's Debunk Some Ridiculous Bathroom Myths About Trans People

Bathroom Sign
Adam Gault via Getty Images

Is Adam Lambert Too Sexy (And Gay) For This New Year's Eve Concert?

Athena Image
C Flanigan via Getty Images

Pharma Co Breaks Promise To Lower Price Of Expensive, Lifesaving Drug

Athena Image
Paul Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

From Homelessness to Activism: How One Trans Woman Is Standing in Her Truth

Black Female Hands
Con Tanasiuk / Design Pics via Getty Images

The Ridiculous Reason This Anti-Gay Bigot Is Freaking Out On Black Friday

Athena Image
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Revolutionary New Surgery Could Allow Trans Women To Carry Children

Abdomen Adult Attractive Baby Beautiful Belly Expectant Expecting Female Happy Life Love Mother Motherhood Parent Parenthood Parenting People Person Pregnancy Pregnant Pretty Stomach Tummy White Women
Shutterstock / nattanan726

The 8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Gay Friends

Gus Kenworthy
Teen Vogue

Here's What Happens When Kids Age Out Of Foster Care

Image Hoarders
Image Hoarders

How These Gay And Bi Members Of Congress Sold Out Desperate LGBT Syrian Refugees

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Inside The Unconventional Romance Of 'The Danish Girl'

The Danish Girl
Focus Features

9 Things To Stop Caring About This Holiday Season

Athena Image
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Here's A Stirring Anthem For Those Living In The World's Most Homophobic Countries

Steven James
Steven James

HIV-Positive Men Read Mean Grindr Messages For One Important Reason

Hiv Positive

How Canada Will Screen Gay Syrian Refugee Men

Pride Flag
Shutterstock / rSnapshotPhotos


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