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December 1, 2015

My Father Died of AIDS and I Almost Didn't Know

Hand Hospital iconics/a.collectionRF via Getty Images

He must have felt alone his final days in that dark room. I don't think anyone close to him truly knew what he was going through. They were too busy trying to hide the truth.

7 Incredible Artists Who Lost Their Lives To HIV

Art Lives

What It Would Be Like If Straight People Underwent Conversion Therapy

Conversion Therapy

U.S. Marine Found Guilty Of Killing Transgender Woman

Athena Image

Remember Their Names: World AIDS Day 2015

Chad Baker via Getty Images

Do Gay Couples Get A Free Pass When It Comes To Monogamy?

Athena Image
Tim Kitchen via Getty Images

These 17 Posters Powerfully Document The AIDS Epidemic Over The Last 30 Years

University of Rochester River Campus Libraries

Singer-Songwriter Ann Hampton Callaway Pens Holiday Song To Wife

Athena Image
Walter McBride via Getty Images

Trans Icon Says Trudeau Should Legalize Sex Work To Save Lives

Nina Arsenault
Jim Rankin via Getty Images

A Ray Of Hope For Victims Of Anti-LGBT Violence In Bosnia?

Athena Image

These 11 Sex Toys Are The Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving

Sex Toys

The Amazing Reason Why Two Of Brazil's Biggest Male Stars Are Kissing

Brazil Gay Kiss

Thanks To These Colorful Condoms, You Can Now Have Art Inside You

Made In Love
Made In Love

Transgender Woman Brutally Attacked In Queens

Athena Image

Cruz Calls Planned Parenthood Suspect 'Transgendered Leftist Activist'

Athena Image

Why Abolishing Homophobia Would Actually Uphold Islamic And Moroccan Values

Gay Pride Rainbow
RAUL ARBOLEDA via Getty Images

'Two And A Half Men' Star Opens Up About Her Sexuality

Athena Image
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She Likes Caitlyn Better Than Bruce

Kylie Jenner
Michael Rozman

What Little Boys Hear When We Tell Them To 'Be A Man'

Be A Man
CUT video

The Conversation We Need To Start Having About Trans Breastfeeding

Breast Pump

An Important Lesson This Gay Man Learned During Thanksgiving At Home

Fuse via Getty Images

Here's Why Gay Porn Is An Industry In Recession

Athena Image
Uwe Krejci/Fuse via Getty Images

11 Reasons You're Still A Single Gay Man (Thank God!)

Single Man
Mike Harrington via Getty Images

A Ray Of Hope For India's LGBT Community

Athena Image
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Trans Women And Trans Men Offer Intimate Answers To Personal Questions


Sinead O'Connor Is 'Safe And Sound' After Posting Emotional Note About Overdose

Celebritiesentertainmentsingeraccessoryhand Baghai
Phillip Massey via Getty Images


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