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July 30, 2015

I Am A Gay Scoutmaster, And I Can Finally Be Myself

I am an Eagle Scout, and I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 179 in Springfield, OR, and I happen to be gay. For the first time in my 18 years in scouting, I can truly be myself.

An Ex-Gay State Senator Is Running For Governor In Missouri

Athena Image
Credit: Bob Dixon/Twitter

Here's How A 'Virtual Cupcake' Can Support Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Athena Image

Here’s What Happened When This Guy Asked 100 Men For Their Phone Numbers

100 Guys Number

Greg Louganis Would 'Love To Share' In Caitlyn Jenner's Journey

Athena Image
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Mormon Mom: Church's Refusal To Accept Gay Boy Scout Leaders Is 'Tragedy'

Athena Image
Wendy Montgomery

Catholic Church Denies That Preventing Transgender Man From Being A Godparent Is 'Discrimination'

Alex Salinas

Black Trans Inmate Ashley Diamond Alleges New Sexual Assault

Athena Image
Getty Images/Vetta

Huckabee, Trump And Cruz Are The Three Amigos Of The GOP

Gop Three Amigos
HuffPost / Now This

Colorado Politician Thinks Boy Scouts' New Policy Will Cause Boys To Be Molested

Social Issues
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Dragstrip 66 Documentary Unearths Otherworldly Nightlife Drag Paradise

Dragstrip 66
Dragstrip 66

Meet The Couple Whose Request For A Cake Launched A National Debate

Sweet Cakes By Melissa
Ryan LaBriere

Heath Ledger Was Really, Really Serious About Gay Rights In 'Brokeback Mountain'

Sen. Jeff Merkley: It Doesn’t 'Feel Right' To Separate LGBT Equality Act From 1964 Civil Rights Act

Athena Image
Credit: Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Reno Removes Rainbow Flag From City Hall After Controversy

Athena Image
JOSE CABEZAS via Getty Images

Bisexual, Not Straight - Bisexual, Not Gay

tassel78 via Getty Images

Two Men Killed Matthew Shepard... But Millions Helped

Fred Phelps

What These Transgender Viewers Think Of 'I Am Cait'

Athena Image
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

This Heterosexual Pride Parade Could Not Have Failed Any Harder Than It Just Did

Straight Pride

An All-Transgender Modeling Agency Is Coming To Los Angeles

Athena Image
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Do You Have An Uber Love Story? We Want To Hear It!

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Mosa'ab Elshamy/AP

Anti-Gay Governor Loses Website To Angry Reddit User Who Turns It Into LGBT Chat Foum

Athena Image
Credit: Associated Press

27 Of The Hottest Photos From The Fire Island Pines Party 2015

Fire Island Pines Party

Pat Robertson Wants Obama To Listen To 'Fellow Africans' On Gay Rights

Athena Image

Boy Scouts End Ban On Gay Adults

Athena Image

Bishop Comes Out As Gay After 'A Lifetime Of Denying' The Truth

5 Things 60-Somethings Can Learn From Caitlyn Jenner

Hli Aptopix Wip Wip07
Chris Pizzello/AP


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Georgia Pastor Has No Time For Anti-LGBT Hypocrites

Dewey Smith
YouTube/DP Peoples

If I Must Accept The Hobby Lobby Decision, You Must Accept Marriage Equality

Lawyer Courtroom
Rob Marmion via Getty Images

Millennial Men Should Stop Worrying About Penis Size, Survey Suggests

Athena Image

How Clubbing Damaged My Self-Esteem

Dancing In Club
Tetra Images via Getty Images

Caitlyn Jenner's New Blog
A Tremendous Problem Facing The Trans Community

Caitlyn Jenner
Courtesy of Caitlyn Jenner

Louisiana Governor: Westboro Baptist Members Who Protest Funerals Face Arrest

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Being Christian Doesn't Give You The Right To Discriminate

Gay Wedding Cake
Getty Images/Brand X

Young Couples Try To Write Handwritten Love Letters To Each Other

Love Letters

Caitlyn Jenner Gets Emotional In Vanity Fair Doc On Her Cover Story

Caitlyn Jenner
Vanity Fair

Watch These Women Get Transformed Into Drag Kings For The First Time

Drag King
Making of A King

In Defense of Ghosting Out Of Relationships

Shutterstock / Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova

What Gay Life Is Like In The Dominican Republic

Athena Image

Watch Lesbians Guess Whether Porn Stars Are Straight Or Gay


Gay Bars Can Offer Entry to Community -- But The Cover Charge Can Be Steep

Mixed Drink
Annabelle Breakey via Getty Images

Queer People Need Safe Spaces. This Website Wants You To Know Where They Are.

Lgbt Flag
Image Source via Getty Images