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November 28, 2014

LGBT and Home for the Holidays?

Hold Hands Dinner Image Source via Getty Images

As you feel the dry, rough skin of your father's hand, or perhaps the pudgy, sticky fingers of your nephew in the palm of your own, you may find yourself feeling both uncomfortable and comforted. When was the last time you held their hand for so long?

After Dark: Meet Ladyfag, Party Curator And Nightlife Icon

Dom Smith

Finland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Finland Gay Marriage
MIKKO STIG via Getty Images

What Is The Dating World Like For The Transgender Community?

Our Lady J
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

These Two Women Unexpectedly Found Each Other... And Then Made A Beautiful Family

Let Love Define Family Series

Frank Ocean Just Released A New Song

Frank Ocean
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

A Peek At The 'Off-The-Cuff, Goofball' Side Of One Of Broadway's Sexiest Men

James Snyder
Walter McBride via Getty Images

LOOK: We Asked You To Show Us What You're Thankful For... And The Responses Are Beautiful


When Coming Out Is a Death Sentence: The Rising Tide of Violence Against LGBT Iraqis

Iraq Flag

LOOK: Here's What Happens When Queer People Go Home For The Holidays

Thanksgiving Dinner
Image Source via Getty Images

Gay Web Series Celebrates 'Found Families' on Thanksgiving


Rejected: The Struggles Of Dating With HIV

Sad Man

New Study Says Homosexuality May Have Evolved In Humans For A Very Special Reason

Homosexuality Evolution
Tim Kitchen via Getty Images

Gays Have As Many As 20,000 Sexual Partners In Their Lives, Pundit Claims

Gay Men Sex Partners
Aaron Cobbett via Getty Images

This Beautiful Family Discusses Why It's Important To Support Their Trans Child

Transgender Children

Federal Judge Overturns Mississippi Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Rainbow Flag

How To Witness To Someone Who Is Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Keira Knightley Knows 'The Imitation Game' Has 'A Lot Of Inaccuracies'

Imitation Knightley

LISTEN: An Early Christmas Gift From Liza Minnelli And Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis

Liza Minnelli Until The End
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

WATCH: Go-Go Boy Interrupted Bloopers

Jimmy Fowlie/YouTube

Lesbian Couple Makes Surprise Anti-Gay Discovery On Google Maps

Lesbian Couple Google Maps
ABC 13

Ma Petite Opens Up About Being Treated Like A Baby

Jyoti Amge

LGBT And Home For The Holidays?

Hold Hands Dinner
Image Source via Getty Images

Ariana Grande Responds To Bette Midler's Diss

Bette Midler
Getty/ AP

Thanksgiving TV Marathons To Be Thankful For

Friends Thanksgiving Lisa Kudrow
NBC via Getty Images

ESPN Anchor Opens Up About How Adoption Changed His Family's Life

Let Love
Let Love Define Family Series

Here's Why LGBT Immigrants Are Criticizing Obama's New Plan

Lgbt Immigration
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Arkansas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down By Federal Judge

Gay Marriage
Inti St. Clair via Getty Images


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'Is It Time To Separate Church And State Marriages?'

Priest Wedding

Robbie Rogers: 'I Thought There'd Be A Chain Reaction' In Sports After I Came Out

Robbie Rogers
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Fire Chief Suspended After Describing Homosexuality As A 'Perversion' In Self-Published Book

Kelvin Cochran Gay Book
John E. Davidson via Getty Images

Gay 'Mean Girls' Star Spoofs Taylor Swift In The Best Way Possible

Shake And Bake

Here's When You'll Find Out Who Is On Season 7 Of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Bianca Del Rio
Gabe Ginsberg via Getty Images

You Won't Believe The Pro-Gay Move This Chick-Fil-A Just Made


Could A Case Of Anti-Gay Gym Bullying Help This Country's LGBT Community?

Men Gym
WIN-Initiative via Getty Images

Lady Gaga Wore An Inflatable Dress And The Struggle Was Real

Lady Gaga
Splash News

Only 3 In 10 Americans Have HIV Under Control

Hiv Virus

Texas Couples Ask U.S. Court To Allow Same-Sex Marriage In State

Gay Marriage
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Thousands Support The Duggars After Anti-Gay Controversy


Google Pulls Plug On 'Ass Hunters,' Horrifying Game That Allows Users To Kill Gays

via Towleroad

Some Kansas Clerks Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay And Lesbian Couples


Nintendo Reveals Surprising Secret About This Classic Character's Gender

via YouTube

LOOK: These Stars Are Taking The HIV Selfie Shower Challenge And You Can Too

via weareallclean

Transgender Woman Presented As Man By Family At Her Funeral

Washington Times