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July 29, 2014

I Had a Boyhood Once, Too

When you enter the world with two X chromosomes, you get placed quickly into a box. The Girl Box. Here, acceptable hair and clothing preferences are assumed; color and toy preferences are dictated.

More Queer Cops Coming To Fort Worth?


Florida Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges In Alleged Gay Cemetery Hookup

Florida Cemetery Attempted Murder
Dennis K. Johnson via Getty Images

Are Our Gayborhoods Straightening?

Gay Street

The Big Business Of Hepatitis C And HIV

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Protests Mount Against Music Festival That Excludes Trans Women

shaunl via Getty Images

How I Learned To 'Choose' My Beauty

Teen Image
Nasir Fleming

WATCH: Bette Midler's 'Beaches' In Just Under 4 Minutes

Beaches In Under 4 Minutes

To Be Black, Trans And Brilliant: Lourdes Ashley Hunter

Courtesy of Lourdes Ashley Hunter

A Comedic Tale Of Coming Out, Gay Sex...And The Love Of Broadway

Adam Sank Gay Comedy
Ilaria Conte

Why The Education Department Awarded Anti-LGBT Religious Exemptions To These Schools

Education Department Washington
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

North Carolina Attorney General To Stop Defending State's Gay Marriage Ban


Drag Race Star Alaska: Sharon Needles Breakup Still Leads to Awkward Moments

Alaska Drag
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

What The Virginia Gay Marriage Ruling Means For North Carolina, South Carolina And West Virginia

Gay Marriage Virginia
Jay Paul via Getty Images

LISTEN: Could This Be Frankie Knuckle's Last Remix?

Isabel Rose
RED/Sony Entertainment

Uh... Is There Really Going To Be A 'Straight White Guy Festival' In This City?

Straight White Guy Festival

LOOK: Vancouver Mayor DJs Pride Party

Gregor Robertson

Jenny McCarthy Sounds Off On Controversial Hillary Clinton Gay Joke

Jenny Mccarthy
Ilya S. Savenok via Getty Images

Religious Colleges Are Getting Legal Permission To Discriminate

George Fox University Campus
Wikimedia Commons

Did A 'Predatory' Tow Truck Driver Target Orlando 'Gay Days' Attendees?

Disney Gay Days Taxis
Handout via Getty Images

A Brief Guide To The NSFW History Of Penis Art

Nude Art
Massimo Pizzotti via Getty Images

Attorneys General Defy Public Support for Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia Gay Marriage Ban

Gay Marriage
Nelson Hancock via Getty Images

WATCH: This Lesbian Teen Just Took On Westboro In The Most Awesome Way

Scottish Teen

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A Look At Oral Sex Versus Penetration And The Divide Between Lesbians And Straight Women


They're Baaaack! (NSFW)

Warwick Rowers
Courtesy of Warwick Rowers

Why This 'Modern Family' Star Refused A Photo With Rick Santorum

Eric Stonestreet
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

After Dark: The Incredible Story Of World Of Wonder's Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey

Randy And Fenton

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Apologizes For Anti-LGBT Clash At Barbecue

Ford Fest Lgbt Protest

WATCH: 'Orphan Black' Star Tears Up At Comic-Con After Fan Question

Tatiana Maslany Comic Con

A Look At The Life Of Jamaica's Homeless Queer Community


'Drag Race' Star Willam Opens Up About Break Up Of 'Boy Is A Bottom' Group

Willam Belli
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

LOOK: LGBT Kids Share Secrets About Struggles With Their Unsupportive Families

Unsupportive Parents Gay Kids
svetikd via Getty Images

Another Judge Dumps Florida's Gay Marriage Ban

Gay Couple Kiss

Dude Watches Gay Porn In Public Without Headphones And The Reactions Are Priceless (NSFW)

Gay Porn

LOOK: James Franco's Latest Gay Stunt Involves His Brother Dave And Zac Efron

Dave Franco Zac Efron
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

Oh, Yes! Jeopardy DID Just Go There!

Jeopardy Tv
Kris Connor via Getty Images

When Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better...

Inquisitive Man
Ryan McVay via Getty Images

Hairy Today... And Tomorrow

Man Shaving
Getty Images