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January 31, 2015

Dear Mormons, Thanks but No Thanks

LGBT people do not need protection from those who would not discriminate anyway, but rather from those who would.

LOOK: Hallmark's New Valentine Campaign Features Lesbian Couple

Hallmark Gay Ad

There Was A Hidden Gay Sex Scene In The 'Good Will Hunting' Script

Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting
Archive Photos via Getty Images

Pastor Who Made Shocking Starbucks Claims Says He's 'Absolutely' Been Tempted By The 'Gay Lifestyle'

Starbucks James David Manning
Kevin Schafer via Getty Images

24 Questions About Gay Polyamorous Relationships You Wanted to Ask But Were Too Polite To

Four Men
Westend61 via Getty Images

ExxonMobil Adds Protections For LGBT Employees, But Advocates Skeptical Of Motivation

Exxon Mobil Lgbt Protections
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch Wants To See 49,000 Gay Convictions Overturned

Benedict Cumberbatch
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Watch The 'First Gay Sportscaster' Cover The Super Bowl... Sort Of

Bryan Safi Football
Funny Or Die

Finding Language For Femme Partners Of Trans Men

Older Couple Holding Hands At Sunset
David Clumpner via Getty Images

'Female Husbands' In The 19th Century

Mens Shoes
Regine Mahaux via Getty Images

Great News For People Who Like Pizza And Sex

Pizza Condom
Marina Malygina

Does Your Member Of Congress Have Policies Protecting LGBT Staffers From Discrimination?

Us Capitol
Dwight Nadig via Getty Images

What Gay Berlin Was Like In 1920... And What It's Like Now

SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images

Travel Group Presents First-Ever Gay Jewish Auschwitz Tour

Huw Jones via Getty Images

This Incredible Camp Is Creating Spaces For Trans And Gender-Nonconforming Kids

Via Raise A Child

The Ad Campaign That Deserves Our Attention And Action

Young Gay Men
Lisa-Blue via Getty Images

Mitt Romney Is Not Running For President In 2016

Mitt Romney
Sandy Huffaker via Getty Images

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Leads A 'Grease' Sing-Along At A Piano Bar Popular With Gay Community

Jimmy Fallon

Idaho Republicans Reject Gay Rights Measure

Idaho Capitol
Ned Dishman via Getty Images

NYC's First Queer Comic Convention Is Coming Your Way Soon

Geek OUT

Are You Ready For Sex With Robots?

Blend Images - Colin Anderson via Getty Images

Historic Black LGBTQ Intergenerational Discussion On Selma


Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Sing Their Hearts Out At The Sam Smith Show

Kardashians Sam Smith

6 Reasons This Gay Man Finally Decided To Marry His Partner After 13 Years

Gay Wedding
omgimages via Getty Images

LOOK: This Domino's Pizza Bondage-Themed Ad Is Real But You'll Never See It Promoted


Bryan Fischer Reportedly Ousted By Anti-Gay Group Ahead Of GOP Israel Trip

Bryan Fischer Fired

WATCH: 'All-American' Hunk Gets Intimate For New Album

Steve Grand


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Tom Petty Comments On Sam Smith And 'Stay With Me' Controversy

Tom Petty
Paul R. Giunta via Getty Images

'A Breakthrough' For Same-Sex Couples In Chile

Chile Same Sex Civil Union
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

Displaying Three Decades Of LGBTQ Art Censored By Museums

Auris via Getty Images

Rachel Maddow Goes On Letterman To Laugh At Potential 2016 Candidates

Maddow Palin

No Cake For You! Fundamentalist Cake Nazis On The Loose!

Wedding Trade Show
Fuse via Getty Images

WATCH: WNBA Star Britney Griner And Fiancé Appear On 'Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta'

Brittney Griner

Advocates Rally Around Transgender Migrant Woman Detained In All-Male Facility

Florence Detention Center
John Moore via Getty Images

Meet The 'Twisted, Genius' Composer Who Wants To Bring Darkness To Musical Theater

Ryan Scott Oliver
Nomi Ellenson via Getty Images

I'm A Transgender Teen And Which Restroom I Use Is None Of Your Business

Alexander Walter via Getty Images

'Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine,' And My Son

Matthew Shepard

By Judy Shepard

How This Straight, Cisgender Man Deals With Aggression Against His LGBT Advocacy

Sam Killerman
HuffPost Live

Study Finds It Does Get Better For LGBTQ Youth

Lgbtq Youth Study
bilderlounge/bilderlounge via Getty Images

This 'Tech Bear' Couple Bought '' And They Have Big Plans For It

Tech Bears
Courtesy of CJ & Charlie

Thousands Petition Google Translate After Site Offers Anti-Gay Slurs As Suggested Translations

Google Antigay Slurs

Joel Grey Comes Out: 'Cabaret' Star Says 'I'm A Gay Man' At Age 82

Joel Grey Comes Out
Donald Traill/Invision/AP

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Announces Premiere Date And A MAJOR Change

Drag Race
Courtesy of LOGO