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September 2, 2014

Michael Sam and the NFL's Virulent Homophobia


The NFL is a league that tolerates homophobia, the lofty words of its officials notwithstanding. And until LGBT groups and politicians stand up and take it on rather than cowering, homophobia will continue to get a pass.

REPORTS: Michael Sam Set To Sign With Dallas Cowboys Practice Squad

Michael Sam
Joel Auerbach via Getty Images

School District Cuts Ties With Christian College Over Anti-Gay Request

Gordon College Massachusetts
Wikimedia Commons

LOOK: Lance Bass Popped The Question AGAIN

Lance Bass Engaged Again

The Pros And Cons Of Straight Guys In Gay Bars

Gay Bar Straight
Jose Antonio Santiso FernAndez via Getty Images

And Your Mr. Gay World 2014 Is...

Mans Back
Loungepark via Getty Images

Black LGBT Activist Arrested For Distributing Voting Rights Information


Rufus Wainwright Reveals Why He Doesn't Care If He Has A Gay Fan Base (And It Might Offend You)

Rufus Wainwright Gay Music
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

WATCH: A Gay Teens Explains What The Bible REALLY Says About Homosexuality

Gay Christian

Web Series Explores What It Means To Be Young, Queer, Broke And Living In NYC

Tough Love

Could A New Professional Sport Be In Michael Sam's Future?

Michael Sam
Joel Auerbach via Getty Images

A Catholic Nun Spent Her Life Fighting For LGBT Rights, Even Against Vatican Wishes

Catholic Nun
Robert Nicholas via Getty Images

Six Tips For Online Cruising That Could Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

Gay Sex
Medioimages/Photodisc via Getty Images

NFL Player Says ESPN Is To Blame For Michael Sam Going Unsigned

Michael Sam
Ed Zurga via Getty Images

20 Empowering Names... For Your Vagina?


How A Selfie With America's Most Talked About Gay Man Opened My Eyes

Michael Sam
Joel Auerbach via Getty Images

A Straight Person's Guide To The Coming-Out Conversation

Conversation Misunderstanding
CurvaBezier via Getty Images

Five Dos And Five Don'ts For Queer College Seniors

Recent Grad
Joshua Hodge Photography via Getty Images

How This Group Of Transgender Buddhists Are Striving To Make Their Religion More Inclusive

Amit Basu Photography via Getty Images

Aging Is So Queer!

Gay Old
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

10 Of The Best Looks From 'Drag Race' Creative Force Mathu Andersen

Mathu Andersen
Vincent Sandoval via Getty Images

LOOK: 'All-American Boy' Singer Bares All For The Ice Bucket Challenge

Steve Grand Nude

Meet Kenny Kenny, NYC Visual Poet And Nightlife Icon

Kenny Kenny
Courtesy of Kenny Kenny

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Here's Why Chelsea Manning's Prison Treatment Matters

Chelsea Manning Prison Treatment

What Trans Looks Like: We Asked Transgender People To Share Photos, And The Results Are Beautiful

What Trans Looks Like
Twitter Instagram

WATCH: Twins Both Come Out To Their Parents And Catch It All On Camera

Twins Come Out

Hawaii Governor Blames Historic Primary Loss On Gay Marriage

Neil Abercrombie

What Children Want To Hear When Their Gay Parent Comes Out

Gay Parents
Jason Doiy via Getty Images

Why Finding Housing As An Older LGBT Adult Shouldn't Mean Stepping Back Into A Closet

Gay Senior
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Gay Sailor's Dream Of Making History Might Just Have Come True

Mauricio Ruiz Gay Chile Sailor
CLAUDIO REYES via Getty Images

A Gay Dad's Restroom Tips For Lesbian Or Single Moms

Gay Dad Mens Room
wasan gredpree via Getty Images

'So You Think You Can Dance' Breaks Its Routine By Going Gay, And We Love It

So You Think You Can Dance

Why I Wish My Dad Had Come Out As Gay Sooner

Father Daughter Coming Out Gay
Anders Andersson via Getty Images

Gay Marriage Is Taking A 'Sledgehammer' To Society And Traditional Values, Pundit Claims

Marriage Equality Matt Barber
BananaStock via Getty Images

Who's Going To Be On 'Drag Race All Stars 2'? Here Are Our Picks.. What Are Yours?

Group Shot

How This Otherwise Straight Man Fell In Love With His Best Male Friend

Straight Men Gay Crush
Gary John Norman via Getty Images

Behold, A Portrait Of Our Era's 'Peter Pan' Generation


So Fetch! 'Looking' Just Added A Great New Gay Star

Looking Jonathan Groff
Slaven Vlasic via Getty Images