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October 4, 2015

How the Outrage Over the Pope's Kim Davis Meeting May Have Paid Off in a Big Way

Pope Francis ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

The pope, according to the Vatican's clarification, knew little of the particulars of her story. It appears it was not a private meeting to endorse her. A Vatican spokesman even described it as not "a real audience" -- quite an insult to Davis -- unlike some of the pope's other meetings.

What Hillary Clinton Does Not Get About Being A Gay Dad

Gay Dads
Westend61 via Getty Images

Danny Pintauro Sets The Record Straight On Tony Danza's Reaction To His HIV

Danny Pintauro
HuffPost Live

Miley Cyrus Releases Gay Rights Anthem

Athena Image
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

This Is How You Deal With Homophobia In The Classroom

School Supplies
Creatas via Getty Images

Tori Amos's Feminist Fairytale Musical

Tori Amos Birthday

The Gay Reason Why Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff Aren't Married Yet

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

Before Meeting Kim Davis, Pope Met With A Longtime Gay Friend In Washington

Athena Image

Kim Kardashian Reveals How She First Discovered Caitlyn Jenner Is Transgender

Kim Kardashian

Nick Jonas Explains Why He Keeps Choosing Gay Roles

Athena Image
Isaiah Trickey via Getty Images

Vatican: Pope's Meeting With Kim Davis 'Not A Form Of Support'

Athena Image
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images

How the Outrage Over The Pope's Kim Davis Meeting May Have Paid Off In A Big Way

Pope Francis
ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

Here's What It's Like To Be A Trans Man Advocating For LGBT Youth In The South

Let Love Define
Let Love Define Family Series

A Study In Contrasts: Trans Media Representation In 'Stonewall' And 'Law & Order: SVU'


Should We Cut Azealia Banks Slack For Using A Gay Slur?

Athena Image
Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images

FABRICATIONS: This Trans Designer Used All Trans Femme Models In Her Show During NYFW 2015


Julianne Moore On 'Freeheld,' Marriage Equality And Ellen Page's 'Extraordinary' Coming Out

Athena Image
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Kansas Governor Believes Same-Sex Marriage, Like Abortion, Will Be Rolled Back

Athena Image

University President Apologizes For (Absolutely Ridiculous) Past Anti-Gay Comments

University of Akron/Daily Texan

Here's What Donald Trump Said When Don Lemon Asked If He's Homophobic And Racist

Cnn Don Lemon

Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Pick Adorably Old-Fashioned Way To Announce Engagement

Athena Image
Gareth Cattermole via Getty Images

You Won't Believe The Amazing Way These Teens Are Supporting Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
Potato Messenger

Kim Davis And The Trap For Pope Francis

Kim Davis
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images

Accused Sex Offender Allegedly Branded Runaways With Signature Tattoo


Scott Lively Could Face Fine For Anti-Gay Efforts

Athena Image
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Transgender Teen Left 'Speechless' After Mom's Big Surprise

Legal Name Change


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Darren Criss' Most Ambitious Project Yet Is A Hit

Darren Criss
Vladislav Grach/Live Nation

How Pope Francis Undermined the Goodwill Of His Trip And Proved To Be A Coward

Pope Davis

Hillary Clinton Fumed About Changing Passports For Same-Sex Parents In 2011

Athena Image
Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Bakery Reportedly Refusing To Pay Lesbian Couple After Discriminating Against Them

Athena Image
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Is This Man Acting Unethically If He Doesn't Tell His Girlfriend He Dated Men?

Athena Image
Comstock via Getty Images

Kindergartener Allegedly Barred From School Because She Has Two Moms

Christian Academy

Here's What It's Like To Grow Up Intersex

First Person

Rick Santorum Admits Gay Couples Can Be Just Normal Parents

Athena Image
Steve Pope via Getty Images

Tactless Medical Staff Are Scaring Trans Patients Out Of E.R.

Pixland via Getty Images

Meet Some Of The LGBT Homeless Youth The Pope Didn't Visit


My Son Was A Princess For Halloween, And I Became A Better Parent

Laurin Mayeno
Laurin Mayeno

The Rapid Rise Of Truvada's Popularity

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

The Difference Between Men's And Women's Halloween Costumes Is Very Scary

Mens Vs Womens Halloween Costumes

Whoops! Pizzeria That Refused To Cater Gay Weddings Just Catered A Gay Wedding


Kim Davis' Attorneys Finally Admit Eyebrow-Raising Picture Is A Hoax

Athena Image
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images