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September 2, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Wants to Be Removed From Office. So Be It.


We cannot be held hostage to the theatrics of religious extremists, nor should we allow them to think that supposedly bad "optics" will deter us in demanding our rights.

Lindsey Graham: Kentucky Clerk Must 'Comply With The Law Or Resign'

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Ahead Of Pope's U.S. Visit, Survey Finds Many Catholics Disagree With Church On LGBT Families

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With A Polaroid Camera, Andy Warhol Was 'The Original Instagrammer'

Andy Warhol
© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Wants To Be Removed From Office. So Be It.

Kim Davis

You've Probably Never Heard Lesbian Sex Described The Way Miley Is Describing It...

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Credit: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Ellen Page, Julianne Moore Say Their New Gay Rights Film Had A Personal Impact

Ellen Page Julianne Moore
Ruven Afanador for OUT

13 Jobs Bible-Believing Kentucky Marriage Clerk Probably Shouldn’t Apply For

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Despite Rainbow Flag Thefts, This Church Is Still Devoted To The LGBT Community

Rainbow Flag Church
Austin Statesman

Christian Transit Driver Says He's Being Targeted Over Not Wanting To Drive Pride Bus

Calgary Pride Bus
Pride Calgary/Facebook

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis: Issuing A Gay Marriage License Is 'A Heaven Or Hell Decision'

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In A Word, What It Means To Be Pansexual

Miley Cyrus

Here's How Religious Exemption Laws Can Hurt Women And The LGBT Community

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Arun Nevader via Getty Images

See Eddie Redmayne As Trans Icon Lili Elbe In The First Trailer For 'The Danish Girl'

Danish Girl
Focus Features

Here's Why Conversations About Campus Sexual Assault Need To Include LGBT People

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How To Have The Sex Talk With LGBT Children

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Gary Burchell via Getty Images

Transgender Teens Speak To Themselves 10 Years From Now


Sleep With The Lights On -- New 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Teasers Are Here

Ahs Hotel

Kentucky Clerk Still Won't Issue A Same-Sex Marriage License Despite Supreme Court Ruling

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South Dakota Legislator Proposes Genital Inspection For Transgender Athletes

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Credit: Joe Kafka/Associated Press

We're Living For This Couple's EPIC Unicorn Jet Ski Wedding Entrance

Gay Wedding
Kevin Michael Murphy

Josh Duggar's Rehab: Welcome To The Dark Ages

Gary Waters via Getty Images

Boys In Chairs And Their Toys: My First Experience With A Sex Toy As A Person With Disabilities

Sex Shop
Thinkstock via Getty Images

Supreme Court Turns Away Kentucky Clerk Who Turned Away Gay Couples Wishing To Marry

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Credit: Timothy D. Easley/Associated Press


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Mexican Man Says 19-Inch Penis Is Destroying His Life

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Image Source via Getty Images

From Superhero To Supermodel

Thailand Transgender
Julia Boccagno

Gay Dad Sounds Off On Kentucky Clerk's Refusal To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

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Clerk Who Refuses To Marry LGBT Couples Performed Trans Man's Marriage

Trans Man Wed

Acclaimed LGBT Web Series 'Eastsiders' Returning For A Second Season

via Vimeo

WATCH: 5 LGBT Celebrities Share Their Coming-Out Stories

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HuffPost Live

Finally, Toys That Truly Reflect The Diversity Of Families


Here's What Happened When Grindr Users Opened Up About Depression

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mickey Mouse Just Got One Hot, Gay Makeover

Alfredo Roagui
Alfredo Roagui

This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Sex Work

via YouTube

Kentucky Clerk Who Refuses To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Begs Supreme Court For Help

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Here's Why I've Been Married 8 Times

Lesbian Wedding
Molly Landreth via Getty Images

How to Spot Anti-Trans Concern Trolls

Internet Comment
Colin Anderson via Getty Images

Get Ready For A Double Dose Of 'American Horror Story' In 2016

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As Much As I Can, As Black As I Am: The Queer History of Grace Jones

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Roger Kisby via Getty Images