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January 29, 2015

Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine and My Son

People see parts of themselves in Matt, both good and bad, and then the message sinks in that these victims are more than icons or figures. They're people who feel love, pain, happiness and sadness.

Idaho Republicans Reject Gay Rights Measure

Idaho Capitol
Ned Dishman via Getty Images

6 Reasons This Gay Man Finally Decided To Marry His Partner After 13 Years

Gay Wedding
omgimages via Getty Images

LOOK: This Domino's Pizza Bondage-Themed Ad Is Real But You'll Never See It Promoted


Bryan Fischer Reportedly Ousted By Anti-Gay Group Ahead Of GOP Israel Trip

Bryan Fischer Fired

WATCH: 'All-American' Hunk Gets Intimate For New Album

Steve Grand

Tom Petty Comments On Sam Smith And 'Stay With Me' Controversy

Tom Petty
Paul R. Giunta via Getty Images

LOOK: Ellen Shares Epic Selfie From Her Birthday Show

Kanye Ellen Photo
Ellen DeGeneres

'A Breakthrough' For Same-Sex Couples In Chile

Chile Same Sex Civil Union
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

Kristen Schaal Valiantly Stands For Manspreaders

Kristen Schaal
Comedy Central

Displaying Three Decades Of LGBTQ Art Censored By Museums

Auris via Getty Images

Rachel Maddow Goes On Letterman To Laugh At Potential 2016 Candidates

Maddow Palin

WATCH: WNBA Star Britney Griner And Fiancé Appear On 'Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta'

Brittney Griner

Advocates Rally Around Transgender Migrant Woman Detained In All-Male Facility

Florence Detention Center
John Moore via Getty Images

Meet The 'Twisted, Genius' Composer Who Wants To Bring Darkness To Musical Theater

Ryan Scott Oliver
Nomi Ellenson via Getty Images

Study Finds It Does Get Better For LGBTQ Youth

Lgbtq Youth Study
bilderlounge/bilderlounge via Getty Images

I'm A Transgender Teen And Which Restroom I Use Is None Of Your Business

Alexander Walter via Getty Images

'Matt Shepard Is A Friend of Mine,' And My Son

Matthew Shepard

By Judy Shepard

No Cake For You! Fundamentalist Cake Nazis On The Loose!

Wedding Trade Show
Fuse via Getty Images

How This Straight, Cisgender Man Deals With Aggression Against His LGBT Advocacy

Sam Killerman
HuffPost Live

Andrew Sullivan Quits Blogging

Andrew Sullivan
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

This 'Tech Bear' Couple Bought '' And They Have Big Plans For It

Tech Bears
Courtesy of CJ & Charlie

Thousands Petition Google Translate After Site Offers Anti-Gay Slurs As Suggested Translations

Google Antigay Slurs

Joel Grey Comes Out: 'Cabaret' Star Says 'I'm A Gay Man' At Age 82

Joel Grey Comes Out
Donald Traill/Invision/AP

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Announces Premiere Date And A MAJOR Change

Drag Race
Courtesy of LOGO

'Ace Of Cakes' Baker Duff Goldman: 'I Get A Lot Of Flack' For Supporting Marriage Equality

Duff Goldman
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

Out Alabama Legislator Says She's Received Death Threats After A Pro-Gay Facebook Pledge

Patricia Todd


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CUNY Graduate Center Drops 'Mr.' And 'Ms.' From Official Communications

Cuny Gc
Wikimedia Commons

The Time My Boss Outed Me

Two Men Talking At Work
Tom Merton via Getty Images

Netflix Just Released The First Teaser For 'Wet Hot American Summer'

Chris Pratt

A Surreal End For An Unforgettable Queen

Pedro Lemebel

A Transgender Woman Takes On 'Manhood'

Woman And Man Legs
Denis Felix via Getty Images

Mormon Church's New LGBT Stance Draws Mixed Response From Gay Mormons

Jeffrey R Holland Mormon
George Frey via Getty Images

Here's The All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast


Swimming Pool Breaks Fresh Ground With 'Neutral Gender Identity' Changing Room

Swimming Pool Ladder
subinpumsom via Getty Images

Nick Jonas On Partying With Taylor Swift And Becoming A Gay Icon

Nick Jonas
John Shearer/Invision/AP

The Real Learning Channel: A Straight Spouse Of A Gay Husband Speaks Out

Mixed Orientation Marriage

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Threatens To Defy 'Tyranny' Of Federal Courts On Gay Marriage

Roy Moore Alabama
Matthew Cavanaugh via Getty Images

The Mormon Church Comes Out In Favor Of LGBT Rights But Look Closer -- Is It REALLY A Win?

Salt Lake City Temple

An Experimental Look At Online Dating, Both Gay And Straight

The Human Symphony
Anton Nickel

Satan's 'Unvarnished Energy' Is Responsible For The 'Homosexual Agenda,' Pundit Claims

Gay Demonic Bryan Fischer
joSon via Getty Images

Male Victims Of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out

Emily Kassie

Dan Savage's Life Is Set To Hit The Small Screen

Dan Savage