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December 18, 2014

Fallon Fox and the Legacy of Satchel Paige

Just how good is Fallon Fox? We will probably never know. Just like Satchel Paige the odds are we will still be arguing this 30 after she has passed away.

Pat Robertson Predicts Gays 'Will Die Out'

Pat Robertson
700 Club

'American Horror Story' Reveals How The Seasons Are Connected

Mary Euince

First Gay Couple To Be Featured On 'A Home For The Holidays' CBS Special

Let Love Define Family Series

Straight Guys Reveal Which Male Celebrities They Think Are Hot

Hot Guys

Furries Set The Record Straight: There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Adam Berry via Getty Images

A Different Kind Of Nude Portrait Makes A Powerful Statement About The Male Gaze (NSFW)


Atlanta's Mo'Dest Volgare Serves the Most Offensive Holiday Drag Performance (NSFW VIDEO)

Matt Terrell/YouTube

The 26 Best Performances This Year

Best Performances 2014
HBO/Getty/AP/Fox Searchlight

'AHS: Freak Show' Recap: The Story Of Pepper (SPOILERS)

American Horror Story Freak Show Pepper

'Duck Dynasty' Star: 'I'm Trying To Figure Out' Whether Being Gay Is A Choice

Willie Robertson Gay Issues
Justin K. Aller via Getty Images

When Life Hands You Anti-Gay Lemons...

Did Harry Potter Have A Gay Hogwarts Classmate? J.K. Rowling Sounds Off

Jk Rowling Lgbt Students

WATCH: The Warwick Rowers Are Back -- And More NSFW Than Ever

Warwick Rowers
Warwick Rowers

Two Prominent Ferguson Protesters Get Engaged

Ferguson Protesters
DeRay McKesson

A Stonewall Veteran Remembered

Danny Garvin
Courtesy photo

13 Unconventional Signs Your S.O. Is Really, Truly Into You

Lesbian Couple
Brand New Images via Getty Images

Great News For Transgender New Yorkers

New York
Peter Hibberd via Getty Images

'19 Kids And Counting' Dad: Petition To Cancel Show Has Only Helped Family

D Dipasupil via Getty Images

A Look At The Perception Of HIV Among College Students

Photodisc via Getty Images

Russell Tovey On His 'Looking' Sex Scenes...And That 'Rim Job' Birthday Cake

Russell Tovey Looking
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Is It Easier For A Lesbian To Be A Stripper?


This Soccer Player Just Came Out By Dancing With The Homecoming King

Andrew Martin

The Story Behind This Gay Company's Banned Holiday Commercial (NSFW PHOTOS)

Nasty Pig
via YouTube

Madonna Responds To Alleged Album Leak

Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

Gay Hero Of Sydney Hostage Crisis Died A Second Class Citizen

Sydney Hostage Crisis
Daniel Munoz via Getty Images

Tom Ford's Controversial Gold Penis Necklace Has Some Outraged

Tom Ford
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images


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Some Of The World's Most Famous Trans Women Come Together For Revolutionary Cover

Mariano Vivanco

Philly Gay-Bashing Suspects Held On All Charges

Crime Scene
JaysonPhotography via Getty Images

An Open Letter To Mainstream LGBT Organizations That Have Remained Silent On Black Lives Mattering

Freedom Speech
Shutterstock / Artsem Martysiuk

The Writer Of 'Queer As Folk' Has 3 Brand New Projects Headed Our Way

Ben Blackall/Red Production Company 2014

Why This 'Real Housewife' Was Caught Drunk-Dialing Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper Nene Leakes

Pop Star Sam Smith Discusses His New Man And The Unusual Way They Met

Sam Smith New Boyfriend
Kevin Kane via Getty Images

Arab Organizations Denounce Persecution Of Gays And Complicity Of Egyptian Media

Mona Iraqi

It's Wedding Bells For Martina Navratilova And Her Longtime Girlfriend

Martina Navratilova Married
Jeff Daly/Invision/AP

Congressional Lawmakers Push For End To Gay Blood Ban

Tammy Baldwin
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Lesbian Basketball Players Sue Pepperdine

'It Was A Case Of Lock Up Your Daughters... And Your Sons'

Holly Johnson

The 23 Best Songs Of 2014

Song Collage

Let's Talk About the South, You Guys

Southern States
Istimages via Getty Images

Philippine Government Seeks Custody Of US Marine In Transgender Woman's Death

Joseph Scott Pemberton

Great News For Gay Veterans In Boston

Boston St Patrick

15 Questions: Colby Melvin

Colby Melvin
Garrett Bridwell Photography