Classic DC Nonprofit Strength Meets Social in Mega Giving Day

09/20/2011 12:52 pm ET | Updated Nov 20, 2011

What happens when you take classic nonprofit strengths and match them with the nimbleness of social technology, all to benefit a city's nonprofits? You get Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, a giving day for the metropolitan DC region on November 9. The event hopes to raise millions of dollars in donations and create new relationships between digitally savvy donors and nonprofits.

Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington was announced last week.

Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, United Way of the National Capital Area and Razoo, teamed together to raise $3 million in individual actions, matching grants, and awards.

The Metro DC-based Giving Day blends a combination of region wide nonprofit outreach and citizen action via social tools like Facebook and Twitter. More than 200 local nonprofits have already signed up to participate in the initiative.

The effort comes at a time when all the region's vital nonprofits are under fire from Congressional budget cuts and general economic hardship. According to a recent AFP and Urban Institute study, for every $5.35 that organizations gained in gift dollars in 2010, $5.54 was lost via donor attrition. The result of a weakened nonprofit sector is less societal investment, directly undermining local communities.

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, and individuals can develop stronger ties with causes of interest. To help foster more than a day of transactions, a significant training program is being deployed so nonprofit can develop capacity and become better marketer who cultivate stronger relationships with donors online. Authors Beth Kanter, Gary Vaynerchuk and Katya Andresen are all participating in a training day that is the cornerstone of the program.

If you are a metro DC-based citizen or nonprofit,get ready for Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington on November 9. It will be a great day of civic pride.