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Happy (?) Mother's Day

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This is the day to celebrate the blessed event...the arrival of God's little gift; the bundle of joy; the cradle full of cuteness...just what you needed to go with the other five. Enjoying our lovely children should be the happiest part of your life.

But this is a well-deserved Mother's Day gift to all the mothers and to all those who, for one reason or another, choose not to become a mother. The gift? Their continued right to make that choice.

I deplore the word abortion. No one with a dram of decency is pro-abortion. However on this beautiful Mother's Day we must deal with this ugly word: ABORTION.

To submit to one is the saddest decision a woman might ever have to consider but one that only she can make. She can consult and confer but ultimately she must be allowed, by law, to make that decision, no matter what the reason: rape, incest, health, religion, economics, moral or even domestic problems; this painful decision must ultimately be hers and hers alone.

No "mother" gets pregnant by herself, but she must deal with the results and bear most of the responsibility. In most cases the father must (or should) be there for the conception but then his involvement then often becomes vague. If a horny male lover is willing to sign an irrevocable contract before having sex, accepting responsibility to raise and support and educate the results of this little schtoop, then go for it; get it on; bang away Sparky. But if not, then how do we, or more importantly, how does his lady fair deal with this growing problem (or mistake ) temporarily occupying her twitching tummy?

And this debate continues on unabated, as nauseating as a case of eternal morning sickness. Should abortion be illegal? Should it be a crime? If so what should her punishment be?

Sex sex sex?? To the male, sex is not the answer, sex is the question. Yes is always the most preferred answer. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentleman of the jury, sex is here to stay, thank God.

Let's be reasonable. Sex is wonderful. Sex is how we all got here in the first place. In its' most "dangerous" form, sex involves two people: one male and one female. (Of course today more and more often, sex can be two males or two females. While these variations are frowned upon by the Christian right, at least it presents no problem to the anti abortionists.)

Now then what is next ? That paper turns blue and then what ?

Pregnancy is a condition that should be joyous and hoped for, or at least acceptable, to both of the authors of the condition but I think it must be acceptable to the woman. The couple shares the experience; the male can and often does roll off, zip up and walk away, BUT when that schmuck is content to jump on her bones and split, the lucky lady has to live with the results of this brief union for the next nine months and to deal with for rest of her life.

Often after the male of the species completes the "deed," having planted his seed into the female receptacle, he pounds on his chest, has a beer, puts on his golf shoes and jogs off to meet his mates to discuss running the world and decide what the little woman should do with her body while she begins to swell up like a comic Valentine so she can deliver the progeny of his 45-second "adventure".

What is the answer? Abstinence? Perfect, but remember, an erect penis often has no patience, conscience or memory. Condoms? Many folks on the religious right are opposed to their use as well as to other forms of birth control. Adoption of the unwanted and often unhealthy child waiting to be passed from one foster home into another foster home? Abortion? No one is for abortion. (Personally I think in some cases it should even be retroactive).

They say that if men could get pregnant, abortion would not only be legal it would be a sacrament. Some people say "It is wrong to kill the fetus and let the father live" or that "everyone who is for abortion has already been born" or that "most folks who are against abortion are for the death penalty. It seems like they don't mind killing human beings they just want to wait until they were old enough to appreciate it."

What are we to do? Let's face it, sex is here to stay. It is one of God's great gifts as the most pleasurable acts in the universe. MY ANSWER? We have one more vote, winner take all, debate and discuss and then vote yes or no, up or down but, ONLY WOMEN CAN VOTE.

Secret ballot, private decision, non-reversible, winner take all. Men should be allowed an opinion but men should not be allowed a vote on this issue.

Let's take just this one vote and I promise you that abortion will become a dead issue, and we can then devote our time and money to raising and educating the children SHE wants to have and will gladly have..

Happy Mother's Day to one and all.