Water Logged

05/12/2005 04:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It looks like we are we now going to resume building roads through the virgin forests which of course will lead to more clear cutting of our forests. Why? It makes no sense.

There are literally billions of board feet in the thousands of gigantic logs that have come loose from the huge log rafts and washed ashore along the Columbia River. We can easily salvage that natural resource and drag those logs off the shore. And rebuild the same kind of log rafts that they floated free from so they can continue their journey down the river.

By reclaiming those abandoned logs we would not need to clear cut new logs for many years. When I proposed this to Secretary Norton's office they said it would cost jobs. Duh. It would create jobs in a whole new industry of salvaging wasted timber. The "lumber" has been abandoned and it is free. The jobs lost by not cutting new timber would be more than made up for by this process.

They said that there are rocks in the logs from brushing up against the shore. Duh. The rocks are there from dragging the logs down the mountain through the clear cut forest.

They said removing the logs would change the shore line. Duh. Removing the logs would restore the natural shore line.

They said the logs are useless because they are wet. Duh. Many of the logs are dragged across the Pacific to Japan where they are stored in water until we buy the lumber back to be returned to the USA. This would not even cost votes as it would be environmentally popular and create a new industry

So why repeal the existing environmental law? Is there some hidden political agenda that outweighs the obviously positive effects of this plan?

Perhaps we should all ask. I will now "blog off" or just "go blog myself".