07/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Clean Energy Bill Can Be Better

The American Clean Energy and Security Act offers our country the most important opportunity in generations to jumpstart our economy, create millions of new jobs and set the stage for America to compete and win in a 21st century economy while reducing global warming pollution. This clean energy jobs bill could set us on the pathway back to economic prosperity. But in order for to usher in a new clean energy future, we need to speak out and tell Congress to stand up to the special interests that seek to weaken the bill at every turn.

The Bush Administration had a virtual open-door policy to Big Oil for the last eight years. Meanwhile, the powerful interests of oil and coal have had a stranglehold on our energy policy, keeping our country hooked on dirty energy sources. At the same time, China and India have invested in clean energy technology development, recognizing that global economic leadership in the future is dependent on investments in clean energy infrastructure and technology now.

America has a chance to lead in the global race if we pass a bill that truly levels the playing field for clean renewable energy and limits the entitlement to federal subsidies and the continued control of our energy economy of Big Oil and Coal.

Long-established energy industries have received concessions during the House committee negotiation process that have damaged this bill's ability to deliver on the full promise of clean energy jobs, strong, inclusive and sustaining economy in the 21st century and reducing pollution. Many of the considerations granted the oil, coal, and electricity industries would preserve their market power and profits. We believe that industries should pay to clean up their emissions --not demand loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways from the federal government.

The clean energy jobs bill will best serve America if we can strengthen its provisions to maximize job creation, invest in the skills of our workers and the long-term economic prosperity of our country, and significantly reduce the pollution that has been caused by fossil fuel industries for decades.

We are calling on members of the House of Representatives to push for provisions that ensure more clean energy for America by increasing the Renewable Electricity Standard, hold polluters accountable by restoring the authority to the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions from power plans under the Clean Air Act, and create more clean energy jobs for America and build resiliency to climate change by reducing allocations to polluting industries.

Given a chance, American innovation and ingenuity can lead us out to long-term and broadly shared clean economic prosperity.

1Sky has an easy 1-click mechanism enabling people to fax their member of Congress and ask them to support a strong clean energy jobs bill. Please take action now.