04/24/2012 06:56 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2012

'Think Like a Man' Has Sony Thinking Green

It's nice to point out when Hollywood puts forth an effort to do something as progressive as it claims to be. Last weekend's number one film, Think Like a Man, has that distinction; being the first feature to use 100 percent energy efficient (LED) lighting sources on the production.

It's no secret that movies leave a large carbon footprint wherever they roam, but reducing that impact has become an important cause to just about every studio. Most majors have sustainability experts on staff and are looking to reduce waste and cut costs by greening production practices.

"Sony Pictures is committed to making great content with a smaller and smaller energy footprint, and Think Like A Man is a great example of Screen Gems' continuing tradition of actively reducing the impact and waste of a major feature film production," said Gary Martin, President, Production Administration, Sony Pictures Entertainment, in a released statement from the studio.

"Although not perfect, energy-efficient lighting is making great strides. We were excited to incorporate this industry-first in lighting into our production, and look forward to continuing to work with manufacturers to test and improve the technology," said Mason McConnell, Executive Director of Set Lighting for Sony Pictures, in the same release.

Once the studios start demanding the greening the town's lighting rentals, it makes it easier for all filmmakers to green their own sets. Kudos to Sony and Screen Gems for the number one film and the step forward in greening the business.