07/10/2012 08:28 am ET | Updated Sep 08, 2012

Fitness Lessons From Jackie Warner

Even though I was lying in the sand on a Saturday morning, my experience was far from relaxing. Lying quickly turned to leg dropping. I was working out with celebrity trainer Jackie Warner. The sand was our gym. Our bodies? The weights.

An advocate for body weight resistance training, Warner led a crowd of health and fitness professionals through a heart pumping session of tricep routines, punches and reps of intense ab exercises. The session included resistance bands for arm toning and enough "mountain climber" exercises to get our heart rates soaring for the rest of the weekend.

Signs situated at the South Street Seaport event location said, "Youth is not a matter of age, it's an attitude." At 44, Warner's attitude is better than youthful. It's vigorous. With a presence that matches her powerful physique; she led the hour cardio session with a no-nonsense authority. And along the way, she shared with us some of the lessons that have helped her achieve her fitness goals -- and beyond:

Know Your Body
Fielding questions about what she eats and how often she works out, Warner kept coming back to a universal response. She gives advice but always returns to a personal truth - get to know your body and stick by what it tells you.

Do Things You Don't Want To Do
In some cases, staying healthy is easier with a matter of fact perspective. The 10 pounds in 10 days author discussed vegetables as if they were taxes or cleaning out your garage. You know vegetables are good for you. So eat them.

Eat a Power Breakfast
Warner's standard morning meal is a homemade smoothie. It's one serving of Whey Isolate Protein Powder, one tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter, a quarter cup of plain instant uncooked oatmeal, a quarter cup of mixed frozen berries, a quarter cup of frozen spinach and a dash of water.

Evaluate Your Personal Trainer
Training with a professional? Warner, who has staffed many successful gyms, recommends asking yourself the following questions: Does your trainer talk about themselves? Do they talk on their phone? (They shouldn't do either, by the way) Are they a good listener? Do they seem to have a good mind/body connection? Do they care about your success? Do they care about not just your body but your life?

Soreness is a Surefire Sign
Warner believes you should feel sore after every session. Not feeling that tender? Time to kick it up a notch.

Do Something About Boredom
Even a TV workout host like Warner gets bored of fitness. Her advice? Change your routine or update your playlist to keep yourself interested.

Learn To Train Yourself
Not all of us are body builders like Warner. At the age of 22, she self-trained by soaking up all the fitness information she could find from all the related magazines and DVDs on the market. Through continued experimentation and practice, she became who she is today. The takeaway? Be engaged in learning about fitness -- educate yourself.

What You Are Born With Isn't What You Have to Live With
A Midwestern girl who grew up on fast food, Warner believes you can always change your body. The one thing to keep in mind? She believes that while cardio doesn't change your body, resistance training does.

Feeling the Burn? Fill Your Mind with Happy Thoughts
Jackie Warner can hold a plank for three minutes. Her secret? Thinking of rainbows.