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Cape Town, South Africa:Travel Tips From a Local

Camps Bay is only one of many beaches dotting Cape Town's Atlantic Seaboard and is a good place to watch the day end. On this clear, sunny day in June I decided to head out to watch the sunset, something for me that never gets old. There's a magic in seeing the end of the day as signified by the setting sun. As we made our way to the beach, I was enthralled by the way the sunlight kept peering through the trees. Camps Bay is ten minutes from the Cape Town city centre and there are many restaurants and clubs along its main road.

Global Yodel caught up with Cape Town local Anthea Hartzenberg and asked her about life in South Africa.


Global Yodel: Tell us about the place you live:

Anthea Hartzenberg: I live in the city centre of Cape Town, right across from the famous company gardens. I love discovering new angles and places in the city -- from abandoned parking lots, to missed details on buildings. I'm lucky to live ten minutes from the ocean -- family friendly walks on the Sea Point promenade, eating or relaxing on the Atlantic Seaboard are all things I enjoy. Of course, Table Mountain is forever watching over me, flanked by Lion's Head. Newlands Forrest is absolutely magical and very close to town. For picture perfect beauty, I head out to the wine-lands, which never ceases to amaze.

GY: What is a perfect day in Cape Town?

AH: My perfect day is spent walking around my city. I like to start the company gardens, walking down Government Avenue toward the city centre. There's always a variety of people here, from the homeless, to the style savvy, fitness freaks and lovers. Once in the city centre, I like to immerse myself in the sights and sounds and smells -- curry from Eastern Food Bazaar, cars and trucks moving up and down the road, people in conversation, the smell of fresh flowers from the flower sellers, the lights of McDonald's or KFC, the bustle of the crowds as they cross Adderley Street. From here I move through the myriad of side roads to Long, Loop or Bree dotted with galleries and African restaurants (Little Ethiopia etc). I like peering into the smaller shops in the alleys, they're full of character. Up Long Street, past all the quirky fashion stores I would head toward Kloof for an eclectic mix of people, shops and restaurants. I'll end my day with a burger at either Knead in Kloof or Hudson's. Yumm.

GY: What is the best thing about your spot?

AH: I live in the middle of Cape Town. Walking to the office in the morning is a joy. There's Table Mountain in the distance, beautiful landscapes in the Company Gardens and watching the city come to life.

GY: What is the worst?

AH: Grime in lower town.

GY: What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

AH: Contrast. Cape Town is a city of contrasts -- the beautiful oceans, the grime in the city centre, the wonderful views in the city and the crumbling buildings on the periphery.

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