05/08/2008 07:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Should Hillary Drop Out? Absolutely not!

So my Los Angeles liberal friend called while I was on the treadmill this morning. She helped me get an especially good workout today. In fact, I got so worked up I was panting.

LALF: What about your girlfriend?
(I didn't have to ask her who she meant.)

Me: It's highly unlikely she'll prevail at this point, but she ought to stay in the race through the rest of the primaries. Let the process run its course. Then the winner can win with honor and the loser can lose with honor and they can join hands with dignity to go defeat John McCain in November. I hope on the same ticket, but even if not, they'll work together.

LALF: But that's not what people are saying out here. They're all screaming for Hillary to quit.

Me: They wouldn't stop a football game in the last quarter just because their team was winning. Why would they want to stop the presidential primary before the last states have voted?

LALF: Everybody says she should get out now. And you know how we used to love Bill...

Me: The contest has made both candidates better. Obama should thank Clinton because he's become much stronger and sharper. He was pretty wimpy at first. Debating her has toughened him up. He's going to need to be very tough to defeat McCain. You know the Republicans don't hold back.

LALF: Did you watch his speech in North Carolina? It had me in tears.

Me: I watched both speeches. I had promised to guest blog for PunditMom, so I stayed up, mesmerized, till almost 2am to see it all.

LALF: You weren't moved by his speech?

Me: I was moved by his words, but I still want to know what he's going to actually do. I wish Hillary had taken more leadership leaps like he did with the race speech and had spoken more of those lofty words people love, especially about the sexism we've seen in the campaign. But there's no question she knows how to get things done. Now, that's what moves me.

LALF: But isn't it going to tear the party apart for her to stay in?

Me: Just the opposite. The Democratic primaries have brought out massive numbers of new voters and energized people who haven't voted in years.

LALF: Don't you think her negative attacks on Obama are hurting his chances against your boy McCain?
(I love how people refer to McCain as mine because I have lived in Arizona, as if I am personally responsible for his political career.)

Me: Oh come on. She's been unfairly tarred when the truth is they've both gone more negative in recent days, but trust me--this is powder puff stuff compared to what the candidate will have thrown at him or her in the general election.

LALF: I don't think it's important to elect a woman.

Me: (Speechless. Begin Cool down)