10/30/2013 07:50 am ET | Updated Dec 01, 2016

Travel With the Dead: Visiting the World's Spookiest Cemeteries For Halloween

Catching the Freddy or Jason movie marathon or hitting the local high school gym converted into a Halloween attraction might work for some celebrants of All Hallow's Eve, but travelers looking for something authentically creepy should note that a slew of blood-chilling haunts exist right below their feet in the form of the World's Spookiest Cemeteries.

We at have assembled a guide to some of the truly spookiest graveyards around the world that are sure to put travelers in the spirit of the holiday -- and perhaps invite along a few spirits while they're at it.

Beside allowing you to get your goth on, cemeteries in such varied locations as the London, New Orleans and Sydney areas give travelers an inexpensive, mood-creating chance to keep the Halloween theme alive -- especially after sunset -- as well as the added bonus of plunging into an inspiring mix of history, sculpture and creepy fun.

Travel With the Dead: Visiting the Worlds Spookiest Cemeteries For Halloween

Correction: This slideshow initially had an incorrect image of St. Louis Cemetery #1. The image has been updated.