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October 23, 2014

My Cause Is Better Than Your Cause

There is a phenomenon of what I call, "First-World-Problem-Shaming," where we make people feel bad about their anxieties because somewhere in the world children are starving.

Dog Saved After 150-Foot Cliff Fall, Thanks To Dedicated Rescuers

Dog Rescue
Mark Winans

Marching Band Covers Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies,' Deserves A Ring On It

Fsu Single Ladies
YouTube / Karrissa Wimberley

School Holds Early Graduation For Teen Who Has 4 Months To Live


3-Legged Chihuahua Tries On Doll Hand Just For Funsies

Dog Gets A Hand
extreme_matt / Reddit

These Dogs Show Brooms Who's Really In Charge


WATCH: Aziz Ansari's Ridiculous Sesame Street Performance

Aziz Ansari Sesame Street
Sesame Street / YouTube

Woman Does 'Dougie' Dance To Inspire Her Sister To Kick Cancer's Ass

Woman Dougies
Justin Sped/Facebook

New Lease On Life For Dog Who's Allergic To Humans

Dog Human Allergies

WATCH: Top-Heavy Toddler Falls, Keeps His Cool

Toddler Fall
America's Funniest Home Videos / YouTube

Teen Amputee Adopts 3-Legged Dog Because Empathy Is Best Medicine

Sam Sartain Pooh
Judy Sartain

Dogs Rescued From Junkyard Undergo Beautiful Transformation

Saving Two Homeless Dogs Hiding In A Junkyard
YouTube / Eldad Hagar

Moving Ad Reminds Us We Can Help Save New Yorkers

Organ Donors New York

17 Adorable Random Things That Exist Purely To Make You Smile


Groom, Paralyzed In Accident, Walks Down Aisle With High-Tech Help

Syracuse Post-Standard


Twerking Turtle

Hero Runs Into Burning Home, Carries Man Out

Fire Hero
Fresno Bee via YouTube

Photographer Creates Moving Tribute To Her Beloved Dog

Suzanne Price/Suzuran Photography

Boy With Down Syndrome Goes For Touchdown

Gabe White Touchdown
YouTube / Keithslady316

Jiff The Pom Shakes It Off; We Squee At His Cuteness


WATCH: Gandalf Gives Students Hilarious, Perfect Advice

Sir Ian Mckellen You Shall Not Pass
ChewValleyMedia / YouTube

QB Treats Family To Shopping Trip After Mom Was Killed In Crash

Nfl Player Shopping Spree

Cockatoo Pulled His Feathers Out After Owner Died, Now He Has Fresh Start


Here's What A Kitten Squeak Sounds Like In Slow Motion, Just Because


Advocacy Day Aims To Protect Ridiculously Adorable Sloths

Sloth C Section
Sam Trull/The Sloth Institute

Soldier's Room Has Stayed Untouched For 96 Years As A Beautiful Tribute

Room Soldier
Matthieu Bock/Europe1

Orphaned Baby Rhino Seems To Think He's A Fuzzy Little Lamb


Sick Man Makes 'Turnaround' After Reunion With His Dog

Sick Man Reunited With Dog
Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter

Motorcycle-Riding English Bulldog Waves At Biker

Sweets English Bulldog

Chipmunk Eats All The Acorns, Has No Shame In His Game

Munching Chipmunk
Squirrel Cam/Facebook

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Philly Police Rock Ronald McDonald Socks For Charity

Philly Police Sockie
Philadelphia Police Department/Facebook

Batman And Catwoman Climb Building For An Important Cause

Batman Eureka Tower
Graham Denholm via Getty Images

Handsome Rescue Pup And His Hunky Crew Are Out To Steal Your Heart

Instagram Hunky

These People Were Challenged To Thank Those Who Helped Them

Appreciation Experiment

There Aren't Enough Treats In The World To Coax Husky Down Stairs

Husky Puppy Vs Stairs
Paul Mather / YouTube

WATCH: There's Nothing Wrong With A Little Puppy Love

Cat Loves Chihuahua
TheTubeUser86 / YouTube

Man Shares $1M Jackpot With His Brother, Fulfills Childhood Vow

Brothers Lottery
oregon lottery

Good News For Bentley, Dog Of Nurse Hospitalized For Ebola

Dallas Animal Services via Facebook

Lovable Black Rescue Cats Will Make You Leave Your Superstitions Behind

Cute Black Cats

Woman Trapped For 18 Hours Rescued Thanks To 'Find My iPhone' App

Woman Saved By Ipad App
ABC News

Stella The Dog Discovers The Joys Of Fall In A Pile Of Leaves


Watch This Firefighter Revive Pup Using Human Oxygen Mask

Dog Revived

Veteran Sheds Tears Of Joy As She Receives Life-Changing Surprise

Cafeteria Woman Surprise