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December 19, 2014

How a Pair of Gloves Changed How I Feel About Everything

Winter Gloves pavelgr via Getty Images

I refused. But she would not take no for an answer. She said they were only a couple of dollars and that I needed them more than she did. To really convince me, she said, "I have plenty of pairs, really -- please."

Navy Vet-Turned Teacher Rescues Man With Raft He Invented

CBS Sacramento

Donors Rescue Pet Shelter At Risk Of Christmas Eviction

Joliet Shelter

Pup With A Jolly, Happy Soul Attemps To Help Build A Snowman

Rumble Viral/YouTube

Police Saved Christmas For Single Mom And Son After Burglary

Single Mom

Girlfriend's Reaction To Surprise Photo Booth Proposal Is Simply Adorable


Dog Found Guilty Adorably Sentences Herself To A Kennel Timeout

Chelsea Agley/YouTube

CEO Gives Back His Entire $2 Million Bonus To Company

Plum Creek
Plum Creek

13 Totes Adorbs Gifts For Your Internet-Obsessed Frenz

Grumpy Cat
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Teen Wants To Be The Youngest African American Chess Grandmaster

Joshua Colas
Joshua Colas

One Little Bulldog's Jumping On The Bed...And No One's Going To Stop Him

Rumble Viral

This Man Just Flew His 3,000th At-Risk Animal To Safety And A Better Life

Jeff Bennett Rescue Animal

Watch These Parents Get The Best Christmas Present Ever

Christmas Surprise
Patrick Spike/YouTube

11 Top-Rated Charities That Changed The World In 2014

Happy People
monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

JT Tears Up Onstage After Getting Gift From Young Fan

Kelly Nemeth/YouTube

Dog Runs For The First Time, Thanks To 3-D Printing

Derby Prosthetics

Abused Pup Found With Bite Marks In A Garbage Bag Just Needs 'Some Love'

Puppy Gladys

Light Show Is Visible From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Christmas Lights
Tom BetGeorge / YouTube

'Angel' Pays Off All Of Store's Layaway Gifts With $50K Donation

Invision for Walmart

Family Opens Door To Find An Epic Christmas Celebration On Front Lawn

Christmas Carols
Improv Everywhere

Police Officers Pull Over Drivers, Hand Out Money

Officers Hand Out Money
CBS News

Pup Was Left In A Trash Heap. 1 Year Later, She Has Her Groove Back

Miley Trash
Eldad Hagar

Elves Bring Shelter Puppies To The Luckiest Kids In The World

Elf Shelter Pup
Barbara Autrey

Kids With Serious Illnesses Board Flight To The North Pole

Fox 2

WATCH: Good Guy Tortoise Helps Stranded Friend

Tortoise Flips Friend
AUDI YU / YouTube

Walmart Cashier Pays For Man's Groceries With Her Own Money

Jenny Karpen
News 10

Obese Dachshund Sheds 50 Pounds, Poses For Hot Dog Calendar

Obie After
Caters News

Rings Left In Salvation Army Kettle Pay For $21K Worth Of Toys For Kids

PhotoAlto/Michele Constantini via Getty Images


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Watch This Definitive Proof That Puppies Are The World's Best Gifts

Puppy Present

8-Year-Old Dance Wizard Has All The Right Moves

Aidan Xiong

How To Honor The Memory Of The 26 Newtown Shooting Victims

Sandy Hook Victims

Shelter Goes For Radical Honesty In Hilarious Adoption Ad


Cops Deliver Groceries To Grandma Caught Shoplifting To Feed Family

Helen Johnson Cop

'Layaway Angel' Secretly Pays Off 150 Accounts At Toy Store

Secret Santa Gift Ideas
Laura Johansen via Getty Images

Mistletoe Kissing Stunt Earns This Guy All Of The Smooches

YouTube/Blake Grigsby

Cop Carries Woman With MS Down Stairs During Power Outage

Cop Carries Woman
WJBK FOX 2 News Detroit/YouTube

'Bald' Cinderella Takes Magical Photos With Girl Who Has Leukemia

Mother Hubbard Photography

WATCH: Absurdly Cute Pups Play With Their Mom In Snow

Susan Menne/YouTube

Moms Are Knitting World's Largest Christmas Stocking For Best Reason

Christmas Stocking
Interweave Craft

Farmer Plays 'Jingle Bells' On Trombone, Cows Come Dashing

Farmer Derek Klingenberg/YouTube

Daddy, Daughter Bust Serious Moves In Old-School Dance Battle

Father Daughter Dance Battle

Fisherman Who Endured Near-Death Ordeal, Reunites With Estranged Son


Paralyzed Dog Shows Everyone Deserves A 2nd Chance

Zeus The Pup

Cop Pulls Drivers Over, Gives Them Gifts Instead Of Tickets

Police Officer
City of Lowell / YouTube

Church Feeds Hungry With Maitre D' Service

All Saints Dinner

Man's Christmas Display Raises Money For Hospice That Treated Late Mom

Christmas Display

Hundreds Of Lucky Dogs Find Care, Love At Rare Animal Shelter In Iran

Homa Rashid

Cops Let Drivers 'Pay' Traffic Fines With Toy Donations


14 Parents Who Took The Internet By Storm In 2014

Lip Sync