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July 29, 2015

Does God Want Us to Be Happy?

Many religious people have been through events of different kinds that have led them to a crisis of faith for whatever reason, and I suspect that I can speak for at least some of us about what goes wrong in the process

Grumpy Puppy Looks Like He's Gonna Tell Us To Get Off His Lawn

Athena Image
Caters News Agency

Family Finds More Than $1M In Gold From Spanish Shipwreck

Athena Image
1715 Fllet - Queens Jewels, LLC

Obama Reminds Us We’re Part Of 'Same Human Family'

Athena Image

Mailman Gets Books For Needy Boy Who Read Junk Mail

Mailman Gets Boy Books

Gorgeous 89-Year-Old Grandma Stole The Show As Bridesmaid

Grandma Bridesmaid
Sweetwater Portraits

Puppy's Reunion With Mother Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom

Puppy Mom Reunion
Rumble Viral/YouTube

Make Way For Ducklings, And That's An Order!

Police Escort Ducks Road

Summer Camp Gives Homeless Children A Chance To Just Be Kids

Athena Image
Homes for the Homeless

Man's Mental Strength Allowed Him To Climb Mount Everest In Shorts

Vice Inside The Superhuman World Of The Iceman

Homeless Plant Organic Garden, Provide Food For Shelter Residents

Homeless Garden
Gloria Tatum/Atlanta Progressive News

Woman Wrote Beautiful Letter To Her Cat's Future Family Before She Died

Athena Image
Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center

Leah Still Adorably Challenges Riley Curry To A Dance-Off

Leah Still

Mom Takes Food Art To Next Level With Adorable Cartoon Characters

Food Art
Laleh Mohmedi

Scared Corgi Puppy Tries The Stairs, One Adorable Paw At A Time


How A Group Of Female Artists Are Reclaiming India's Scariest Streets

Athena Image
Credit: Forecast Public Art

Police Officer Shares Meal With Homeless Man In Viral Pic

Police Officer Ocala Police Department
TiAnna S. Greene/Facebook

Hula Dancers Shut Down The Nae Nae, Hawaiian Style

Nae Nae

Designer Creates Spiky Shower Curtain To Help Save Environment

Elisabeth Buecher Shower Spikes
Courtesy of Elisabeth Buecher

Bounding Baby Goats Try To Get Cat's Attention, But Kitty Ain't Having It

Sunflower Farm Creamery Baby Goats
Sunflower Farm Creamery/YouTube

Boys' School Performs Electrifying Dance For Teacher They Lost

Haka Dance New Zealand

Girl Cuts Off Long Locks For 'Boyfriend' With Cancer

Athena Image

Mural Connects Over 200 Homes In Mexico Neighborhood

Germen Crew
Germen Crew

800 Corgis Took Over A Beach In California This Weekend

Corgi Beach Day
23 ABC via AOL On

Artist Replaces Billboard Ads With Nature Photos

Athena Image
Brian Kane

Meet A 9-Year-Old Bracelet Philanthropist

Athena Image
ABC News

This Poem Is Bringing Happiness To People Across The World

Poem Underground London
Getty Images / Twitter

Argentinian Politician Breastfed In Parliament. The Rest Is Viral History.

Victoria Donda

Guy Gets Train To Sing Along To 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Over The Rainbow Train
Peter Sharp


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Kristen Bell Leaves 'Frozen' Voicemail For Young Fan Battling Brain Tumor

Athena Image

Baby Whale Jumping For Joy Is Totally How We Feel On A Friday

Orca Whale Killer Whale
Clint Rivers Showtime Photography/Facebook

This Dog Looks Like A Teddy Bear And We Just Can't

Dog Teddy Bear

Homeless In Moscow Get Free Movie Nights As Temporary Retreat

Moscow Homelss Movie Theater
The Moscow Times

4 Siblings Who Have Muscular Dystrophy Need Help Getting A Van

Herzfeld Family
Courtesy of Crowdrise

#ThighReading Celebrates The Diverse Beauty Of Thighs

Twitter: @bummermaid

Swiss Army Moo-ves Gallons Of Water To Cattle During Heatwave

Johannes Simon via Getty Images

Community-Led Cooking Classes Help People Lose Weight, Eat Healthier


Boy Battling Kidney Disease Celebrates Victory With John Cena

John Cena Kj

Hotel Staff Ensures Lost Toy Has The Most Canada Day Ever

Athena Image
Annelies Vredeveld/Facebook

Doug The Pug Recreates T-Swift's Best Mugs

Doug The Pug Taylor Swift

App Will Turn Ad-Filled Subway Stations Into Pop-Up Art Galleries

No Ad
No Ad

Teen's Kind Act Is 'A Little Touch Of Heaven' To Elderly Women He Helped

Athena Image
David Yardley/Facebook

Mom's Side-By-Side Dog And Toddler Photos Are Pure Fun

Dog Toddler
Jesse Holland

Amy Schumer's 'Disappointing' Lap Dance Raised $3,000 For Charity

Amy Schumer Amy Schumer Lap Dance
Courtesy of Adam Fein

Your Next Coworker Might Be A Shelter Cat

Athena Image
Humane Society of Broward County

Mom With Stage 4 Cancer Writes Letters To Daughter For Future


Could 'Friends' Opening Remade With Pups BE More Perfect?!

Friends Puppies Remake

Dad Turns His Kids Into Cartoons With #BreakfastMugshots


Mom Fulfills Promise, Adopts Dying Best Friend’s 4 Daughters

Athena Image
Laura and Rico Ruffino with their daughters (YouCaring)

Pit Bull Spent 4 Years In A Shelter. Now She's A Poster Dog For Hope

Jonathan Fayden