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November 26, 2014

The Meaning of Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving With Friends Ryan McVay via Getty Images

Friendsgivings seems to me like a uniquely 20-something experience, in which unmarried young adults with no children get together to eat, unsure if they're on the right track since they can't afford to fly home for the holiday.

Abandoned Puppy With A Deformity Now Has A Fresh Start

Puppy Splints
Animal Planet

Chefs Cook Gourmet Thanksgiving Meals For Homeless People

Thanksgiving Table
G. Merrill via Getty Images

Hunky Veterinary Students Pose With Animals And It's Pawsitively Adorable

Men Of Vet School
Omega Tau Sigma/Cornell University

Little Kid Dreams The Impossible Dream, Tries To Whistle

Kid Tries To Whistle
Steve Rossen / YouTube

WATCH: Huge Dog Is Terrified Of Tiny Stairs

Huge Dog Tiny Stairs
David Tatum / YouTube

Man Makes Incredible Escape Days After Falling Into A Ravine

Ropelato Photography/ EarthScapes via Getty Images

Watch These Guys Play An Epic Imaginary Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong Clicking
YouTube / Thomas Ryan

Peaceful Responses To Ferguson Decision Show U.S. At Its Best

Peaceful Protest
Instagram/ Jefry Andres Wright

Bank Pays For Customers' Volunteer Projects, In True Canadian Form

Td Canada 1
TD Canada

Newborn Pup Yawning Is The Most Precious Case Of Drowsiness

Dog Yawn
The Pet Collective/YouTube

Grandma Has Perfect Reaction To Learning She'll Be In Macy's Parade

Surprise For Grandma

Pit Bull's Adorable Photobooth Shots Land Him A Forever Home


Is This The Cutest Christmas World Record?

NICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty Images

Puppies Wearing Disney Costumes. Slow Motion. Need We Say More?

Disney Puppies
YouTube / Oh My Disney

Couple Invites Homeless Man To Thanksgiving Dinner


Teddy Bear 'Mugshots' Reunite Kids With Lost Companions

Lost Teddy Bear Mugshot
First Great Western

High School Honors Girl's Brave Cancer Fight In Beautiful Way

Lauren Hill Basketball

Tiny Kitten Attempts To Meow. We Attempt To Keep It Together

Fake Meow
RM Videos/YouTube

Turkey Pardoned By Obama Last Year Is Still Gobbling Up The Good Life

Obama Turkey Pardon 2013
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Boston Bombing Survivor Vows To Run Marathon Next Year

Rebekah Dimartino

This Golden Retriever Scarfing Pasta Knows Carbs Are Always The Solution

Dog Eating Competition
TheBragdBirger / YouTube

WATCH: Boy Turn His Wheelchair Into A Power Snow Plow

Rick Delashmit/YouTube

Stunning Dog Portraits Capture Pups' Personalities

Dog Photography
Alicja Zmysłowska

2,000 School Kids Break World Hip Hop Dance Record

Hip Hop World Record
Dothan Eagle


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Shark Attack Survivor Says Surfing With Prosthetic Keeps Him 'Stoked'

Mike Coots

Woman Celebrates 75th Work Anniversary With Same Company


Missing New Mexico Kitten Found In Maine

New Mexico Cat
Portland Press Herald

100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean For First Time, Is 'Speechless'

Ruby Holt

2 Orphaned Baby Kangaroos Meet, Begin Adorable Friendship

Kangaroo Kiss
Eye to Eye Marine Encounters/YouTube

WATCH: Golden Retriever Is Horrendous At Catching Treats

Dog Biscuit
Lauren Banjo/YouTube

Military Sergeant Breaks Down After Wife Surprises Him

Fort Taylor Emotional Vid
Fort Taylor/YouTube

Man Follows Intuition, Ends Up Saving Unconscious Stranger From Car Fire

Man Pulls Stranger From Burning Car

Girl Gives Homeless Kids Care Packages To Make Them Feel At Home

Jayla Newson
Today Show

Lost Family Heirloom Found In Sewer Thanks To Sanitation Workers

Ring In Sewer
Union Sanitary District

Golden Retriever Goes On Delightful Rampage During Obedience Test

Golden Retriever Obedience Fail
Golden Retriever Lovers / YouTube

Strangers Band Together To Rescue Woman Pinned Under Car

Crowd Lifts Car
CCTV News/YouTube

NFL Star Finds Wallet, Goes To Owner's House To Return It

Marshawn Lynch

Pup Looked So Sad That A Wonderful Family Had To Bring Him Home

David Cockerham/Mirrorslap Photography

Widower Eats Breakfast Beside Late Wife's Photo Every Day

Touching Photo
KSLA News 12

This Panda Is Really Loving The November Snow


Mysterious Do-Gooder Is Sending Out Envelopes Full Of Cash

Anonymous 1679

Heroic Bystander Saves Baby Trapped In Overturned Car