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May 4, 2016

Drunk On Sunshine and Freedom

Ashlee Gadd Ashlee Gadd

The thing about adulthood that I never understood until now was the mind-numbing monotony of it all. The grown-up life I fantasized about when I was a child did not include things like buying tires for the car or re-caulking the tub or rolling the garbage cans down to the curb in the pouring rain. You can't escape adulthood; it's everywhere.

Cheerios Giving Bees 3,300 Acres Of Flowers To Pollinate

Athena Image
Frank Bienewald via Getty Images

This Hoodie Is Specially Made For Avid Huggers

Together Wear

Man Teaches Homeless Woman To Read Over Lunch Every Week

Amy Joe Foundation/GoFundMe

This Superhero Prom Picture Is Goals AF

BN Focus Photography

Hundreds Of Dads Show Up To High-Five Students Before Exams

Jackson Public Schools

Photos Show Rescued Circus Lions Setting Paw On Their New Home

Human Interest Animal Themes South Africa Feedrouted_global Topix Bestof
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Man Builds Rescue Tortoise Its Very Own 'Jurassic Park'

Youtubeoliver Turpin
YouTube/Oliver Turpin

Bakery Hires Ex-Inmates, Helps Them Make Tough Transition Into Society

Mary Daggett

Detroit All-Girls Team Wins Top Prize At Prestigious Chess Tournament

Catherine Martinez Via The Detroit News
Catherine Martinez via The Detroit News

Cat With Crooked Jaw Now Has Cutest Quirky Smile Thanks To Surgery, TLC

Duchess Cat
GoFundMe/Crystal Tate

Dog Can Have Great Benefits For Owners Dealing With Anxiety

Pedigree Test Heart Rates Dog Humans Stress Anxiety

New App Uses Push Notifications To Reach Nonprofit Donors Faster

Push Notification Letsalldogood
Boston Globe

Cops Enlist NBA Team To Get New Shoes For 7-Foot-Tall Homeless Man

Lawrence Police Department/Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Mop Dog Is All We Want In Our News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg

This May Be The Prettiest Cat In The World


Blind Boy Sees His Mom For The First Time, And It's Magical


Ryan Reynolds Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Teenage Cancer Patient

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Firefighters Are Happy To Rescue 12 Police Officers Stuck Inside Elevator

Facebookkansas City Missouri Police Department
Facebook/Kansas City Missouri Police Department

The Inspiring Reason This College Student Is Mowing Lawns For Free

Raising Men Lawn Care
Facebook/Rodney Smith Jr.

33 Rescued Circus Lions Will Feel Like Kings In New South African Digs

Hli Aptopix
Rodrigo Abd/AP

German Boy Forms Inseparable Bond With Young Syrian Refugee

Narwar And Alec Refugees In Germany Refugee Children Unicef

This Cat Sails Around The World And We Want Her Life


Students Invent Gloves That Can Translate Sign Language Into Speech

Navid Azodi And Thomas Pryor Signaloud Gloves Translate American Sign Language Into Speech Text
Conrado Tapado / Univ. of Washington, CoMotion

Story Of A 93-Year-Old And 2 Lawn Mowers Will Melt Your Heart

93 Year Old Lawn Mowers
Rodney Smith Jr.

All Seniors At Chicago School Admitted To College 7th Year In A Row

Urban Prep

Tearjerking 'Thank You, Mom' Ad Really Tugs At The Heartstrings


Ikea Has Bright Idea To Sell Solar Panels In UK Stores

Athena Image
Yves Herman / Reuters


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