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Pregnant Dog WORKS IT In Her Very Own Maternity Photo Shoot

The Dodo | Annum Masroor | March 18, 2016 | Good News
Maternity photos have become one of the most popular ways for moms-to-be to celebrate their pregnancies. But people apparently aren't the only ones eager to show off their baby bumps.

Perfect Vending Machine Stocked With Plan B, Pregnancy Tests, Lube And Candy

The Huffington Post | Alanna Vagianos | March 18, 2016 | Women
Now you can get a Plan B pill when you buy a Twix from the vending machine. Well, at least in one Brooklyn laundromat. Along with laundry machines, the Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint has an arcade, a bar and (best of all) a vending machine...

These #DontJudgeMe Tweets Prove Your Deepest Secrets Are Hilarious

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | March 18, 2016 | Comedy
When it comes to life, cake happens.  This week, Jimmy Fallon made the hashtag #DontJudgeMe and asked for embarrassing secrets you're not ashamed to admit. And judging by his favorites, it's good that there's no judgement...

There's An Even Easier Way To Peel A Banana

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | March 18, 2016 | Taste
You may think you've got banana-peeling down pat ... but it's unlikely you're using monkeys' number-one trick.  That's right: Many monkeys peel their bananas from the bottom up, instead of starting at the stem. This easy-peasy method results in a perfect peel -- no strings, and no breakage...

Naughty Panda Cub Doesn't Care How Expensive That Camera Is

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | March 18, 2016 | Weird News
A giant panda cub smacks a camera down to the ground with a quick right jab in video posted online. Footage shows two cubs adorably tumbling down a hill, as if they haven't a care in the world. One of the youngsters then spots the camera, punches it and sends it flying over. Then one of the naughty cubs (it's not entirely clear which) grabs the cam and tries eating it, before the clip cuts out. It's not known exactly where the footage was filmed. But the Chinese outlet People's Daily posted the clip to YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, and it's now going viral. Want to see more footage of giant panda cubs doing their thing? Then check out the awesome iPanda YouTube channel, which broadcasts from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Oolong National Nature Reserve, both located in the Sichuan province. Here's a recent clip showing a panda turning itself into a ball to roll down a hill. H/T...

Everybody Get Up! 'Hamilton' And 'Space Jam' Got A Mashup Now

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | March 18, 2016 | Entertainment
Two groundbreaking works, together at last. "Hamilton" is a hit Broadway musical with a hip-hop twist. "Space Jam" is the story of Michael Jordan getting sucked through a golf hole to save the Looney Tunes from aliens. And now, they've finally been brought together in one glorious mashup:"Space Jamilton." Just like it was meant to be. "I have the honor to be your obedient servant," reads the caption under the mashup video on Matthew Ahn's YouTube channel. Ahn is truly doing humanity a favor. Alexander Hamilton's story from creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda comes to life over the classic track from Quad City DJ's. The line, "Shoot, baby, shoot," has never seemed more appropriate. So, everybody, get up! It's time for a mashup...

A Duchess After Our Own Hearts: Kate Shops At A Thrift Store In An Old Blue Coat

The Huffington Post | Jamie Feldman | March 18, 2016 | Style
The Duchess of Cambridge is the queen of outfit repeating. So her latest duty, helping to officially open a charity consignment shop, is especially fitting.   The "thrifty" royal -- you may remember her as Kate Middleton -- marked the opening of East Anglia's Children's Hospices' newest shop in Norfolk Friday wearing a blue...

Newborn Tigers Snuggle Up To Mama In Adorable Debut

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | March 18, 2016 | Science
Three tiny Amur tigers were born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio, late Wednesday night. Video footage showed them snuggling up to their 11-year-old mom Irisa in a private den, away from the glare of visitors.  Zoo bosses said the trio, gender unknown, were being monitored via remote camera and "appear to be healthy." "Welcoming tiger cubs at the Zoo is always exciting but it is also a time when we proceed with cautious optimism," zoo president and CEO Tom Stalf said in a statement. "Tiger cubs are very fragile at birth, however they appear to be thriving and Irisa is being an attentive mother." The cubs' father is 8-year-old Jupiter, who arrived at the zoo from the Czech Republic last March as part of the European Endangered Species Program and the Association of Zoos and Aquarium's Species Survival Plan, which aims to increase the genetic health and diversity of tigers living under human care. There are now seven Amur tigers at the Columbus zoo. However, fewer than 400 of the big cats, also known as Siberian tigers, are believed to be living in the wild in their native forests of the Russian Far East. "Their populations are dwindling due to overhunting of prey species such as deer and wild boar, habitat loss and poaching for skins and body parts used in traditional Chinese medicine," the zoo said in a statement. "Humans directly cause 75 to 85 percent of tiger...

Man Adopts 8 Senior Dogs, 2 Cats, Ducks, Chickens And A Pot-Bellied Pig For One Life-Saving Reason

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | March 18, 2016 | Good News
After the death four years ago of Wolfgang, his beloved red miniature Pinscher, Colorado accountant Steve Greig felt like he’d reached an important crossroads. “I knew that this would be the beginning of the rest of my life,” he told Mashable last month. “When any pet dies,...

Little Piggy Dancing To Rihanna's 'Work' Will Make Your Day

The Huffington Post | Lee Moran | March 18, 2016 | Weird News
Elmo had his turn. Now it's this tiny piglet's time to shake its booty to Rihanna's "Work." In a video posted to Facebook by Pigeons and Planes, the precious...

Navy Finds Missing Dog On Island -- 5 Weeks After She Vanished At Sea

The Huffington Post | Dominique Mosbergen | March 18, 2016 | Good News
After disappearing without a trace from a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean, a dog named Luna was presumed dead. But in a remarkable and unexpected twist, Luna was found alive and well this week on an island...

Gaby Barsky, Former University Of Waterloo Student, Remembered With Flash Mob

Maham Abedi | March 18, 2016 | Canada Living
"He was very important."

NHL Team Visited A Senior Center And A Hockey Game Broke Out

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | March 18, 2016 | Fifty
The Chicago Blackhawks, who have captured three Stanley Cups in six previous years, seem to be winners in community outreach too. In a video posted by the team, Coach Joel Quenneville is seen visiting the Centennial Activity Center in Park Ridge, Illinois. The seniors there probably assumed he...

Homeless Man Who Voluntarily Cleaned Polluted Beach For Tourists Lands A Job

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | March 18, 2016 | Good News
A recent photo shows a homeless man cleaning the beach, allowing vacationers to enjoy their fun in the sun. Jay Margolis, an entrepreneur who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, recently shared photos on Facebook, which featured a homeless man named Siyabulela "Dan" Magobiyane, picking up trash in Bantry...

Photos Show Refugee Girls Living Dreams As Astronauts, Architects, Lawyers

The Huffington Post | Sarah Grossman | March 18, 2016 | Impact
For many Syrian refugees, being displaced means not only losing their home, but also losing a chance to go to school and achieve their goals.  The International Rescue Committee is working with refugee girls in Jordan, helping them envision who they want to be when they grow...

This New Arctic Butterfly Species May Only Exist In Alaska

Hilary Hanson | March 17, 2016 | Science
A newly discovered butterfly species may be the only type of butterfly that can be found solely in Alaska. The Tanana Arctic butterfly (Oeneis tanana), named after Alaska’s Tanana-Yukon River Basin, where the insect lives, has actually been present in a collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History for...

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle About Feminism With Emma Watson

Taylor Pittman | March 17, 2016 | Women
Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda just made our feminist dreams come true. Watson, a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and the most visible driving force behind the #HeForShe campaign, and Miranda, composer and star of the...

Twins' Time-Travel Prank Makes The Future Look Twice As Kooky

Ron Dicker | March 17, 2016 | Comedy
Public transit produces all kinds of live theater -- but not usually of the time-travel variety. So when Improv Everywhere concocted a scenario on the subway in which a man from the future warns passengers not to give his present self money for a time machine, commuters gladly went along for the...

WATCH: This Is The First Airport Run Completely On Solar Power

Kira Brekke | March 17, 2016 | HuffPost Live 321
The Cochin International Airport in India is the first airport in the world to run completely on solar power. In the video above, learn about the airport and the effect it will have in...

Centenarian Who Danced At The White House Cuts A Rug With Harlem Globetrotters

Kimberly Yam | March 17, 2016 | Good News
Our favorite boogieing centenarian's back. Virginia McLaurin, who made headlines when she danced with the Obamas at the White House, turned 107 years old on Saturday. To celebrate, she spent some time with the Harlem Globetrotters at Roots Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., this...
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