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How To Raise Good Kids: Celebrity Parenting Advice You Can Use

The Huffington Post Canada   |  Craig and Marc Kielburger   |   February 29, 2012

Marc and Craig Kielburger are the co-founders of Free The Children and Me to We, a social enterprise. They are authors of "The World Needs...

Lost Class Ring Returned After Nearly 50 Years

  |   February 29, 2012

A class ring from 1959 found its way home last Friday -- after missing for almost 50 years. Nathan Garcia, a D.P. Morris Elementary School...

Horse Rescued From Quicksand-Like Mud In Australia (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post   |  Laura Hibbard   |   February 29, 2012

After being stuck in thick, quicksand-like mud for hours in Avalon Beach, Australia, an 18-year-old horse was miraculously rescued, the Associated Press reports. According to...

Sammi, Quadriplegic Dog, Learns To Walk And Run (VIDEO)

  |   March 1, 2012

The journey wasn't easy, but Sammi the springer spaniel has learned to walk again. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The 8-year-old dog had a bone growing...

Musicians Try To Explain Why 'It's Really Hard To Speak Spanish' ('Que Difícil Es Hablar En Español') (VIDEO)

  |     |   February 29, 2012

'Tomayto', 'tomahto'? Not necessarily true when it comes to Spanish. And definitely not according to the hit Youtube video “Que Difícil Es Hablar En Español”...
Andrea Long Chavez


Ramiro Gomez, Public Artist Affirms The 'Human Statement' Of Hollywood Hills' Gardeners, Housekeepers   |  Andrea Long Chavez   |   February 29, 2012

The recognizable figure of a Latino gardener is a common sight for most Southern California locals. But if you happen to see the cardboard painting...

Steve Fugate, Grieving Fla. Dad, Treks 30,000 Miles To Raise Suicide Awareness, Honor Son

  |   February 29, 2012

Stevie Fugate never had the chance to hike the Appalachian Trail. But his father -- Steve -- completed the trek, and then some, for the...

Grizzly Bear Charges At Tourists (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post   |  Tara Kelly   |   February 29, 2012

A hungry grizzly bear gave a group of tourists camping in Alaska's Katmai National Park quite a fright last February. Filmed by camper Larry Griffith,...

McLaughlin Family Shines Light On Pre-Natal Down Syndrome In TIME Magazine Story

Medford Patch   |   February 29, 2012

When Melanie McLaughlin found out her unborn daughter had Down syndrome in 2007, she was faced with an unimaginably difficult decision. "We all like to...

Robert George, Chicago Father, Saves Neighborhood Kids From Frozen Pond (VIDEO)

  |   February 29, 2012

Four kids from Chicago who fell through a frozen lake earlier this month are safe and sound thanks to the efforts of a heroic neighbor...

It Ain't Over Till It's Over: Hockey Mom Deb Miller Strikes Fashion Gold (PHOTOS)

  |  Lori Weiss   |   March 20, 2012

One of the reasons I started my website,, is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. Women should know...
Lizzie Schiffman


Asrai Garden Fundraiser: Worker Injured During Robbery Unites Wicker Park Community   |  Lizzie Schiffman   |   February 29, 2012

The owner of Asrai Garden flower shop in Wicker Park, where employee Kristen Romaniszak was attacked mid-day two weeks ago, says she knew immediately that...
Eleanor Goldberg


Poverty Resolutions, Microloan Nonprofit, Shows How Far $1 Can Go To Provide Jobs For Poor   |  Eleanor Goldberg   |   September 25, 2012

When Matt Jones tells an auditorium full of students that he's rich, they usually laugh. The 32-year-old doesn't quite give off the millionaire impression. Jones...

Why Do We Have Leap Years?

CBC   |   April 29, 2012

With 2012 being a leap year, it is a good time to remind ourselves why it is that we add an extra day to...

'19 Kids And Counting': The Duggars Make Pretzels To Raise Money For ALSF (VIDEO)

  |   February 29, 2012

On "19 Kids And Counting" (Tues., 9 p.m. EST on TLC) the Duggar family teamed up with Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shop in Rogers, Arkansas to...
Cara Santa Maria


Rocket Lab Run By USC Undergrads (VIDEO)   |  Cara Santa Maria   |   April 29, 2012

This team of undergraduate researchers with a bold mission: to design, build, and launch high powered rockets from scratch, and eventually reach the outer limits of Earth's atmosphere.2012-02-29-Screenshot20120229at8.01.22AM.jpg
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