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Where Are the Afghans?

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Where are the Afghans?
Gordon Adams
8 July 2009

"What I need is more Afghans,"
Says General Nicolson.

"We can't read these people; we're different,"
Said Captain Huysmans.
"They're not going to tell us the truth.
We'll never get to build and transition"
Unless we have the Afghans."

Where are the Afghans?

They don't trust us.
They won't tell us the truth?
Quelle surprise!

We have bombed their mosques,
Killed their children
Blown up their weddings,
Leveled their villages,
Destroyed their roads
Eradicated their livelihoods

Aroused the Taliban extremists
Failed to find Osama.

Brought them democracy
Justice, courts of law,
Provincial Reconstruction Teams
Corruption, and
We "cause the price of everything to increase."

Our civilization
As we know it.

And yet,
They will not come.
And they will not tell us the truth.

"To be honest,"
Says Lt. Wallgren,
"They didn't want us here."

But the Russians
Will let us move men and equipment
Through their country.

For $60 million,
The Kyrgyz will let us
Use their bases to send our supplies
Into Afghanistan.

Maybe they know something
We don't know.

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