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July 23, 2014

5 Promises to Improve Your Life and Health

Healthy Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Dear One and Only Body: I am so sorry I have been ignoring you and your needs for longer than I care to remember. No more diets, gimmicks, deprivation and the like. I will make taking care of you a lifestyle that we both love and enjoy.

How To Unlock The Confidence You Never Knew You Had


4 Ways We Calm Ourselves Down Without Really Knowing It

Dusica Paripovic via Getty Images

Diner Leaves $1,000 Tip, Waiter Shares Unexpected Gift With Entire Staff

ABC News

This A Cappella Medley Is Truly 'Wicked'

YouTube / Peter Hollens

Hedgehog Gets Tickled... You're Welcome

Vine / Marutaro The Hedgehog

How Art Is Crucial To Understanding The Human Mind

University of Edinburgh

WATCH: Here's A Bunch Of Lambs Jumping For Joy


Homeless Man Who Sold Sketches Of Dog Now Has Own Art Show, Credits His 'Guardian Angel' Pup

Rob Weir

The Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are Back And Hunting Crickets

Philadelphia Zoo

WATCH: Billy Bob Thornton's Hilarious Take On 'Cupcake Wars'


Daily Meditation: Take A Break

Gallo Images-Shem Compion via Getty Images

Why Talking To Strangers On The Subway Is Good For You (Really)

peepo via Getty Images

Abandoned Kittens Are Now Raising Awareness For Pet Adoption, And Lookin' Cute Doin' It

Alex Greenshpun Photography

The Unexpected Way These Artists Are Gaining New Perspective

Tetra Images via Getty Images

WATCH: This Cat And This Horse Can't Stop Cuddling, Might Be Love


Everyone Should Find Time To Take A 'Dance Recess' Like This Guy


Your Favorite Emojis Finally Get the Documentary They Deserve

Vimeo / Dissolve

The Happiest And Unhappiest Cities In America May Surprise You

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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This Baby Monkey Became Friends With Two Puppies


Grandpa Surprises Everyone With Age-Defying Dance Moves, Proves You're Only As Old As You Feel


Watch This Adorable Baby 'Walk Like Mommy'

YouTube / Ashley Lowry

Daily Meditation: Memorial

Zoonar RF via Getty Images

6 Tech Traps We All Fall Into (And How To Avoid Them)

Stuart Ashley via Getty Images

This Barber Backpacked Across The Globe And Found More Than Just The Perfect Shave

Miguel Gutierrez/Michael Hannides

These 12 Incredibly Successful People Will Change The Way You Think About Depression

Getty Images

How To Help A Friend Who's Down


12 Perfect Degas Quotes To Help Unlock Your Inner Artist