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September 1, 2015

What Are You: A Bhogi or a Yogi?

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A yogi is one who discovers that the greatest joy and peace of mind is within themselves, they see the exquisiteness of inner silence and their actions are for the good of others, whereas a bhogi is more concerned with their outer appearance, putting themselves first by enjoying and even over-indulging the mind and the senses.

The Single Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

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What A School Talent Show Taught Goldie Hawn About Perfection

Courtesy of Goldie Hawn

9 Things Pessimists Want You To Know

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4 Ways Introverted Parents Can Get Involved In Their Kids' Classroom

Public Domain

10 Reasons To Be Glad You're A Highly Sensitive Person

Diane Diederich via Getty Images

How A Former Shy Girl Became A Confident Career Coach

Quiet Revolution

5 Things I Learned About Aging From My Dog

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How Tim McGraw's Drinking Nearly Cost Him Everything


Before You Go Upside Down In Yoga, Practice This One Move

Chris Clinton via Getty Images

This Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Health Today

Quiet Revolution

Bottling Up Your Feelings Might Make You Less Likable

Johner Images via Getty Images

How A Social Media Detox Helped Ed Burns Become More Productive

Jared Greenhouse

Trouble Sleeping? Get Yourself Some Nature

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What Introverts Bring To The Dating Game

Daniel Nanescu/Splitshire

10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents

Leonardo Patrizi via iStock

5 Slang Phrases That Perfectly Sum Up Why Hawaii Is So Damn Happy

M Swiet Productions via Getty Images

The Question To Ask Yourself When You Feel Like A Failure

laurenbergstrom via Getty Images

One Woman Documented Her Stay In A Mental Hospital To Expose The Reality Of Her Condition

Laura Hospes


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Grieving Man Plants 4.5 Miles Of Sunflowers To Honor His Dead Wife

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