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December 18, 2014

How to End 2014 With a Bang: 101 Ways to Ring in the New Year!

Women Celebrating Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Below is a list I created largely based on experiences I had and questions I have asked of friends. Some of the suggestions below are solely for the holiday season leading up to the new year, while other suggestions can be applied throughout the year.

The Most Powerful Way To Respond To Negative People

Two Women Argument Home
Fabrice LEROUGE via Getty Images

This Gadget Hooks Onto Your Underwear And Helps You Chill Out


The Real Connection Between Ambition And Mental Health

Successful Businessman
Michael Blann via Getty Images

5 Ways To Banish Negative Thoughts For Good

Sad Teen Girl
Christy Thompson via Getty Images

15 Ways To Be Happier In 2015

Happy Couple
Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Why It's Harder Than Ever To Unplug From Our Devices

Meditate In Street
Marco Maccarini via Getty Images

11 Caffeine-Free Ways To Beat Your Midday Slump

Tired Work
Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

One Mental Trick That Can Make You Happier Right Now

Smile Balloon Horizontal
Westend61 via Getty Images

5 Essential Lists To Make Before The End Of This Year

MilosStankovic via Getty Images

'Nature Deficit Disorder' Might Be Made Up, But The Health Benefits Of Being Outside Are Real

John Lund/Tom Penpark via Getty Images

A Road To Mental Health Through The Kitchen

Adam Gault via Getty Images

How To Really Let Go Of Stress On Vacation, From Someone Who Does It For A Living

Max Bailen via Getty Images

How Meditation Can Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images

The Simple Activity That Can Instantly Elevate Your Mood

Simon Potter via Getty Images

5 Ways To Combat Stress With A Mental Makeover

Mental Makeover
Rafael Elias via Getty Images

The One Word That Can Get You What You Want

Gary John Norman via Getty Images

Debunking The Holiday Suicide Myth

Christmas Tree
sot via Getty Images

8 Perfect Gifts For Anyone In Need Of A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep Gifts
Kent Mathews via Getty Images

How To Keep Relationships Stress-Free This Holiday Season

Holiday Stress
Vstock LLC via Getty Images

What This Classic Pessimist Can Teach Us All About Happiness


5 Signs You Should Take A Break From Social Media

Christopher Kimmel via Getty Images

7 Life-Changing Lessons I've Learned Living On A Caribbean Island

Darryl Leniuk via Getty Images

19 Numbers That Prove We Can Do More For Mental Health

Pierre Desrosiers via Getty Images

Happy People Aren't Always Great At Empathy

Happy People Empathy
Benjamin Torode via Getty Images

4 Incredibly Easy Ways To Practice Everyday Gratitude

Tetra Images - Jamie Grill via Getty Images

7 Ways Your Friends And Family Keep You Calm

Relaxed Friends
Kevin Kozicki via Getty Images

10 Ways To Recognize Success (And Stop Beating Yourself Up)

Robert Daly via Getty Images

6 Risks You Won't Regret Taking

Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

What If People Treated Physical Illness Like Mental Illness?

Robot Hugs
Robot Hugs

11 Things People Over 50 Wish They'd Done Differently At 25

Looking Out At Sunset
Dougal Waters via Getty Images

10 Strategies For Boosting Your Efficiency And Productivity

Andrew Rich via Getty Images

The Ultimate Guide To Fighting Those Creative Blocks

Antony Nagelmann via Getty Images

How To Feel More Relaxed This Week

uniquely india via Getty Images

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Get You Down

Negative Thoughts

How One Woman's Resilience Affected An Entire Community

Pamela Joe McFarlane via Getty Images

10 Proven Remedies For A Rough Week

Rough Week
Design Pics / Ben Welsh via Getty Images


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Here's Proof Tranquility Looks Different To Us All

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World

Olivia Bell Photography via Getty Images

3 Habits Highly Productive People Do Every Day, Even If They're 'Too Busy'

Productive People Tips

How To Feel Less Stressed This Week

Tara Moore via Getty Images

7 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Sorry Note
Photos by Robin via Getty Images

ReWork: Rethinking Work And Well-being

Work Well Being
Huntstock via Getty Images

100 Tricks To Help You De-Stress

Cavan Images via Getty Images

How Meditation Can Help Protect The Body After Cancer

Mindfulness Meditation
Take A Pix Media via Getty Images

21 Things I Learned The Year I Turned 21

Woman Summer
Blend Images - Colin Anderson via Getty Images

WATCH: 24 Little Things To Be Grateful For

Patrick Meier via Getty Images

10 Important Reasons To Start Making Time For Silence, Rest And Solitude

Sitting Silent
Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Why It Was Worth Facing Down My Fear Of The Dark


The Self-Serving Reason We Gossip

Brand New Images via Getty Images

How To Meditate (Even If You're Really Impatient)

Meditation Beach Hand
anyaberkut via Getty Images

Why Mindfulness Is The Foundation Of Emotional Intelligence


Yoga's Power To Create Positive Change

Michele Falzone via Getty Images

5 Important Reasons To Embrace A Little Adventure

mihtiander via Getty Images

Why Saying 'No' Is Just As Powerful As Saying 'Yes'

Work Force
kieferpix via Getty Images

Why It's Important To Keep Your Eyes On The Stars

Looking Up At Stars
rolfo via Getty Images

It Takes Courage To Make A Change

Change Color
Kristin Duvall via Getty Images

The Science Behind The Way We Love

HB Photography via Getty Images

4 Ways Being Lonely Can Affect Your Health

Shuji Kobayashi via Getty Images

8 Ways Forgiveness Is Good For Your Health

AIMSTOCK via Getty Images

Here's How Easily Stress Can Be Transformed Into Strength

Cultura RM/Cadalpe via Getty Images

10 Easy Ways To Cope With Stress When You're Overwhelmed

Tom Merton via Getty Images

What Exactly Is Emotional Health?

Mindfulness Health

Nearly A Third Of Americans Would Choose To Improve Their Career Over Their Health Or Relationships

Stress Office
Hero Images via Getty Images

The One Habit You Need To Succeed Above All Else

lzf via Getty Images

12 Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life for the Better


5 Creativity Lessons You Already Learned In Kindergarten

Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

Here's Proof That Life Is All About The Little Things

gruizza via Getty Images

More Than 7 People In The Americas Die From Suicide Per Hour

Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

3 Life Lessons As Taught By a Toddler

Toddler Girl On Swings
Owl Stories via Getty Images

10 Smartphone Rules We Should All Follow

Oli Kellett via Getty Images

This Is What A Panic Attack Physically Feels Like

Panic Attack
Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post

5 Ways To Beat A Buzzkill

Lauren Rosenbaum via Getty Images

The Simple Truth That Helped This Actress Find Total Happiness

Natalie Burn
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

7 Traits That Make A Leader

Pallab Seth via Getty Images