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June 30, 2016

What You Need More Of Right Now

Kindness Jonathan Kitchen via Getty Images

Metta is the act of extending our love, kindness and friendship equally towards all beings, proving that love is more powerful than any negative force. Rather than trying to deal with negativity, we cultivate the opposite; seeing and knowing pain, we bring loving kindness. Then amazing change is possible.

These Mantras Will Soothe Your Soul In A Matter Of Minutes

Mary Ellen McQuay / Design Pics via Getty Images

Meditation Makes Us More Aware Of Our Unconscious, Study Suggests

iMrSquid via Getty Images

This 5-Minute Yoga Sequence Will Boost Your Energy ASAP

Granger Wootz via Getty Images

What The Survivor Of A Christmas Party Massacre Has Learned About Healing


There's No Need To Fear Other People's 'Bad Energy,' Says Psychic

Digital Vision. via Getty Images

What To Do When You Realize You've Failed At Something Important

Riitta Supperi via Getty Images

Stress Got You Down? This Guide Will Pick You Right Back Up

Adam Hester via Getty Images

Here's How To Build Resilience, According To Science

Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images

Here's An Interesting Theory About Why You May Not Be Reaching Your Full Potential

Yiu Yu Hoi via Getty Images

A Guide To Finding Inner Strength When You Need It Most

anyaberkut via Getty Images

The 10 Best Books For Little Introverts

Rebecca Nelson via Getty Images

A Sure Sign You're Not Living 'Big' Enough


The Heart-Wrenching Reason Sugar Ray Leonard Became a Professional Boxer


Release Back Tension With These Basic Standing Yoga Poses

RyanJLane via Getty Images

These Gorgeous Yoga Photos Prove The Practice Is Truly Universal

VCG/Getty Images

How This Single Mom On A Budget Lived Life To The Fullest After Divorce

Leren Lu via Getty Images

Having A Tough Time Giving Up Control? This Guide Is Here To Help

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Researchers May Have Just Discovered What Really Makes You Happy

KidStock via Getty Images


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