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July 26, 2014

Picture Perfect

Natural Beauty Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

Ironically, it was in seeing themselves "perfectly" that these women embraced their imperfections as an essential part of their identity.

Hedgehog Gets Tickled... You're Welcome

Vine / Marutaro The Hedgehog

Toddler With Special Needs Sings 'You Are My Sunshine,' Makes Us Happy When Skies Are Gray

Grace Anna Sings/Facebook

Disabled Chihuahua Gets Wheels Made From Toys. Yes, It's OK To Squeal With Delight

The Downtown Veterinarian

7 Meaningful Compliments That Have Nothing To Do With How You Look

Cavan Images via Getty Images

Is This What You Actually Thought These Song Lyrics Were?

YouTube / pleated-jeans

Fifty Shades Of Grey Adorable Animals: The Version You Aren't Embarrassed To Read In Public


Less Pay, More Weekend? Some Americans Are Ready To Say Yes

Ryan McVay via Getty Images

Curious Deer Approaches Cameraman, Licks Lens With No Inhibitions

YouTube / A Bad Idol

You're Tackling Your To-Do List All Wrong -- Here's How To Get It Right


This Japanese Practice Could Transform Your Day

Datacraft via Getty Images

4 Ways We Calm Ourselves Down Without Really Knowing It

Dusica Paripovic via Getty Images

If Your Entire 90's Childhood Was A Movie, This Would Be The Trailer

YouTube / Will Wheaton

Labrador Puppy Trapped In Kennel During Devastating Apartment Fire Found Alive And Well Days Later

Sarah Harbison/Facebook

5 Things You Say That Make Retired People Mad

stockyimages via Getty Images

How Art Is Crucial To Understanding The Human Mind

University of Edinburgh

Diner Leaves $1,000 Tip, Waiter Shares Unexpected Gift With Entire Staff

ABC News

English Bulldog Puppies Have Passionate Makeout Session, Put The French To Shame


This Is What It's Like To Go From College To The Bright Lights Of Broadway

Marc Janks / Huffington Post

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LISTEN: Armstrong's Heartbeat Is Now The Bass Line For A Lennon Cover

YouTube / Louise Gold

This 7-Year-Old Has Some Wise Parenting Advice For Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube / Jimmy Kimmel Live

Daily Meditation: Time Will Tell

Mitch Diamond via Getty Images

Dog Brought To High-Kill Shelter Gets Life-Saving Makeover..And A Happy Ending

The Pet Collective/YouTube

The Key Ingredients You Need To Be Happier

Smith Collection via Getty Images

How To Unlock The Confidence You Never Knew You Had

Fuse via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: Waiting

Nine OK via Getty Images

Daily Meditation: Let Us Love

Vladimir Nikulin via Getty Images

This A Cappella Medley Is Truly 'Wicked'

YouTube / Peter Hollens