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May 30, 2015

9 Books That Redefine 'Crazy'

Jessica Rotondi Jessica Rotondi/Amazon

Instead of using labels like 'crazy' to define a complex human being, these books present complicated characters who show us the nuances of mental illness.

21 Struggles Of Being An 'Old Soul' Trapped In A Young Body

Herd Helps Collapsed Baby Elephant, Proves You Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Kruger Sightings/YouTube

7 Ways Making Your Bed Helps You Feel Like A Better Version Of Yourself

Fancy Yan via Getty Images

Jack Black Breaks Down Meeting Homeless Ugandan Boy Who Just Wants An Education

NBC, Red Nose Day

California Is Giving Poor Residents Solar Energy Using Polluting Companies' Dollars

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Need To Immediately Ditch


What Amy Purdy Saw During Her Near-Death Experience

George Burns/Harpo Studios

One Of The Most Common Illnesses In The U.S. Is Still Stigmatized

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

Bill Clinton Says He's Ebola-Free After Annual Africa Trip, Raises Awareness For Issue

FADEL SENNA via Getty Images

The Unplanned Pregnancy That Brought Me A Daughter With Down Syndrome -- And Everything I Didn't Know I Wanted


Duggar Scandal Should Prompt TLC To Help Fight Child Abuse, Advocate Says


Most Wealthy Americans Say Giving Back Is 'Essential' To Them: Report

Shutterstock / ekkstock

Daily Meditation: In A Trance

Getty Images

Natalie Portman Explains What She Learned Going Through 'Dark Moments' At Harvard


Harvard Class Day Speaker: We All Need To Come Out


Michelle Obama Is The 'Hugger-In-Chief'

Timothy Hiatt via Getty Images

How A Son Who Was Molested By His Father Found The Strength To Forgive


This Simple Yoga Sequence Will Help Anyone Build More Balance



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The Life-Shaping Moment Transgender Icon Janet Mock Had In Kindergarten

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