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August 28, 2014

Burnout to Flourishing: It Can Happen!

What was wrong with me? I had turned the company around and it was continuing to grow. I was successful. Why was I so depressed and disoriented?

This Boston Terrier Is Totally Over His Owner's Drum Playing, So He Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

Ross whitby

8 Admirable People Who Transformed Tragedy Into Something Positive


How To Accept A Compliment (Without Just Giving One Back)

Jupiterimages via Getty Images Sent These Four Kids To College. They Didn't Let Him Down.


Pit Bull Loves Bubbles More Than You've Ever Loved Anything, Probably

YouTube / Pit Bull and Bully Breeds Lovers

9 Sneaky Reasons You're In A Bad Mood (And What To Do About It)

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Watch This Clever Canine Master The Art Of Blowing Underwater Bubbles

Jessica Nichols/Youtube

Cat Lovingly Reciprocates Owner's Affection By Petting His Human Back

RM Videos/Youtube

This Is What A Yogi Looks Like

Michelle Grosodonia

Otter Eats At Kitchen Table, Is The Epitome Of Decorum

YouTube / mixjam11

Watch This Giraffe Try To Ride A Motorcycle

YouTube / Ryno Greef

Britney Spears Makes Terminally Ill Fan's Dream A Reality, We Fall For Her One More Time


Tiny Hamster Hangs Out In Tiny Mansion, Wins The Day

YouTube / AprilsAnimals

Watch These Pups Have Fun In The Sun At A Pooch-Only Pool Party

Mandy Mahan/Youtube

Here's Proof That Those Geek Girl Stereotypes Are Just Ridiculous

YouTube / BuzzFeedVideo

These 25 Famous Former Interns Are Proof That Hard Work Does Pay Off

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Pat O'Brien Explains Why So Many Celebrities Aren't Truly Happy

George Burns/Harpo Studios

'Thug Notes' Takes On 'The Hunger Games'

YouTube / Wisecrack

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Trust Us, This Is Worth A Few Seconds Of Your Time

YouTube / rrry1950

Daily Meditation: Losing A Pet

Gary John Norman via Getty Images

This Guy Believes The Roof Is A Perfect Place For A Dance Party

YouTube / Andrew Wilcox

Whatever Happened To The 7-Year-Old Who Tried To Kill His Mother?

Harpo Studios

Number Of Homeless Vets Sleeping On Street Drops Nearly 40 Percent In 4 Years

The Washington Post via Getty Images

These Are The Things That Bring You Strength

Instagram / Lindsay Holmes

Daily Meditation: New Life

BERKO85 via Getty Images

This Cat Likes His Human's Behind, Cannot Lie

YouTube / Vashi The Savannah Cat

Daily Meditation: For Our World

Hiroshi Watanabe via Getty Images