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September 19, 2014

5 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People

A common misconception is that highly charismatic people are perfect. That their charisma comes from their superior, skills, income or looks. But this is not the case at all.

Men Get Bikini Waxes For First Time, Have No Regrets

YouTube / BuzzFeedVideo

If Famous Paintings Could Text, They Might Sound Just Like Us

Tumblr / If Paintings Could Text

Alanis Morissette On The Trauma Of Fame: I Didn't Laugh For 2 Years


Kitten And Donkey Are The Nuzzliest Of Friends

YouTube / Peter Janz

After Butterfly Lands On Flutist's Face During Competition, She Lets It Stay And Enjoy The Show

YouTube / Kanal tilhørende Odensesymfoni

Miranda Lambert Tears Up While Singing Emotional Song To Young Fan With Cancer

Chris Ramon/GSXRC1300/YouTube

Toddler Takes The Lead In Choreographing Interpretive Dance For Adults

YouTube / Shannon Byrd

13 Ways To Beat Stress In 15 Minutes Or Less

Ashley Corbin-Teich via Getty Images

This Dancing Traffic Light Is The Grooviest Way For Pedestrians To Stay Safe

YouTube / smart

Watch These Adults Fail At 5th-Grade Math, Feel Better About Your Own Struggles

YouTube / BuzzFeedBlue

Saint Bernard Takes His Human As A Prisoner Of Love

mallemay s/ YouTube

Hospital Janitor Plays Piano So Patients, Loved Ones Can 'Forget Their Worries'


Dad Writes One-Handed Sonata So He Can Still Hold His Baby


5 Tricks To Becoming A More Patient Person

Michael Blann via Getty Images

These Architect-Designed Cat Cribs Are Seriously Classy

Grey Crawford / NAC Architechture

Koalas Get In Spat, Still Cannot Escape The Cuteness

YouTube / Elin Nordlander

The Real Reason Your Teen Is Shutting You Out


Liberian Boy Who Had Ebola Does Delightful Dance During Treatment, Has Since Recovered

YouTube/Doctors Without Borders

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Daily Meditation: Moral Leadership

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Daily Meditation: On Our Way

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