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Three Things I Could Live Without: The Bath Mat, the Paper Towel, and the Cocktail Napkin

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When I buy something, I try to ask myself, do I really need this? Living in a minimal way doesn't have to be about sacrifice -- in fact, it can actually be liberating to remove the clutter around you. It can give you back cash, physical and mental space. People like Brian Jones, who had everything he owned stolen in the rental truck he packed up the day before he moved remind us of this. Less is indeed often More.

Here are three things that I've noticed I don't need:

bath mat photo

The Bath Mat
It's a fixture in the bathroom but I've always wondered why. I dry off in the tub or shower where any drips are contained. Easy. No need for a bath mat that I have to buy, wash, dry, replace etc...

paper towel dish towel photo

The Paper Towel
These things are expensive, take up space, and kill trees. According to the EPA, paper and paperboard products constitute the largest portion of municipal solid waste (MSW). Just go cloth. Anything that is designed for a one-time use should be re-examined, but the paper towel is enemy #1. And c'mon people!'s not that hard to use a dishtowel. You don't even have to buy one...cut up some of your wrecked clothing and you're good to go.

cocktail napkin photoThe Cocktail Napkin
The cocktail napkin has a pathetic five-second life: From bartenders hand to bar to sticky mess on the bottom of your glass. An empty symbol of "good service," it rarely serves any purpose whatsoever. A sturdy coaster could do the job and live to see another day. Heck, it's not as if you're worried about stains on the bar anyway.

This is a quick list of some of mine. What's on your list? Please comment below!

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