What Do We Want? C-H-A-N-G-E. How Do We Get It? With a Green Grid, a Green Economy, and an Organic Garden on the White House Lawn

01/15/2009 04:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's going to be a busy day at today, a social network of people who want...well, change. will be especially busy because this is the last day people can vote on their Top Ten ideas, which founders Ben Rattray and Mark Dimas plan to take to Washington and present to Obama at the National Press Club.

Since Change launched its voting site in November, 7,500 ideas have been floated and around 250,000 votes have been cast for the different ideas. Change plans to take each of the top 10 ideas and build a national advocacy group around it in partnership with existing non profits.

Our favorites in the Top Ten happen to be #4 Make the Grid Green in 10 Years and #10 Develop & Implement a National Strategy for Sustainability. Investing in these two ideas alone could give the country all the green economic stimulus we can handle, as well as clean up our air, end a good part of our foreign oil addiction, and usher in a new era of green jobs.

Over at a slightly different line-up of wishes was assembled when its members finished voting last month. Yet building a green economy and all that that entails came in at number 3 on the ten item list, right after economic recovery and universal health care.

And at the top voted idea was green through and through. Wanna-be farmer and former engineer Roger Doiron has a plan (well at this point, a dream) for a large organic Victory garden on the White House lawn! Doiron's organic garden, which he says could supply all the White House's needs for fresh veggies and have some left over to donate, pulled into first place with nearly 4,000 votes.


Of course, some joke that that's exactly what Doiron's idea is...a joke, especially when we consider the magnitude of the world's problems. But hey - remember 'Visualize Whirled Peas'? Who knows how far a White House Victory Garden could take us in restoring our image worldwide.

Go vote your own Top Ten today, while you still can, at