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May 24, 2015

When You Drill, You Spill


Oil companies and elected officials pledge to protect our coastline with more safety measures, yet promote exposing more of our prized beaches to the risks of oil and gas extraction.

Neighborhood Rallies Together To Save Beloved Homeless Man

Facebook/I Love Kailua

U.S. Suffers Egg Shortage In Wake Of Avian Flu Outbreak

Shutterstock / Ildi Papp

Rescue Efforts Continue For Oil-Soaked Wildlife After California Spill (PHOTOS)

Handout via Getty Images

California Oil Spill Prosecutors Eye Criminal Charges For Company


Rhino Is Surviving Horrific Attack With One Heck Of A Fighting Spirit

STEFAN HEUNIS via Getty Images

An Incredible Photo Series Captures The Cambodians Who Remove Unexploded Bombs

Charles Fox

Atlantic Editor Wonders If Maybe Immigration Has Something To Do With California's Water Crisis


WATCH: Alligator Takes On Truck -- And Wins

keet246 / YouTube

Dolphin Undergoes Breakthrough Surgery In Vancouver

Vancouver Aquarium

Blind Pooch Gets Help Moving Around From Two Loving Pups

Jessica VanHusen

California Water Board Approves Voluntary Cutback Program By Growers

MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

Major Oil Spill Could Cost Vancouver $1.2 Billion

David McNew via Getty Images

Walmart Asks Meat Producers To Treat Their Animals Better

Johner Images via Getty Images

Sorry Jeb Bush, It's Not 'Arrogant' To Say Climate Change Is Real. It's True.

Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Halo Around Sun Dazzles Mexico City


France Wants To Forbid Supermarkets To Destroy Unsold Food


Devastating Photos Show How An Oil Spill Consumed Santa Barbara's Coastline


This Aging Oil Pipeline Is In Great Lakes' 'Worst Possible Place' For A Spill

KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images


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Santa Barbara Spill Revives Outcry Against Coastal Drilling

David McNew via Getty Images

Cleanup Of Oil Spill Along California Beach Could Take Months


Ducks In England Get Their Own Walking Lanes So Humans Don't Ruffle Their Feathers

Bethany Clarke via Getty Images

One Midwestern City Is Fixing Its Public Transit Without Hiking Fares

Omaha Metro Transit/Facebook

This Woman Takes Photographs Of Your Older Pet So You Have Time To Say Goodbye

Kristin Zabawa

Meet An Artistic Fish And The 'Chicken From Hell': The 10 Coolest New Species Of The Year

Yoji Okata

The Number 1 Beach In The US Is...

Great White Emerges From Murk, Swims Straight At Terrified Diver

grayshep / YouTube

Texan Pays $350,000 To Kill Endangered Black Rhino