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July 23, 2014
INTERACTIVE MAP: People Along Keystone XL's Path

The U.S. Must Lead on Climate Threat

If established climate science, unfolding in real time before our eyes, does not prevail in the current Washington debate, then the fate of the world may look a lot like the dystopia popular in much of current cinema.

Washington Fire
Stephen Brashear via Getty Images

Crews Make Progress Controlling Largest Fire In State's History

Henry Waxman
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Group Tries To Make Climate Change A Winning Wedge Issue

Maine Lighthouse
VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm via Getty Images

Maine Town Effectively Bans Tar Sands Oil

The Great Barrier Reef Won't Look Like This For Long

Insect Portrait
by MedioTuerto via Getty Images

Get Up Close And Personal With The Planet's Creepy Crawlies

Waste Water Recycling Texas
Jodi Jacobson via Getty Images

'Toilet-To-Tap' Program Begins, But Will Residents Drink The Water?

Furniture Store Couch
Nopparatz via Getty Images

Would You Like Flame Retardants With That Couch?

Meet The Press Gregory
Brendan Smialowski via Getty Images

Climate Change Gets More Air Time On Some TV News Shows

Epa Tweet

EPA Office Of Water Tweets About Kim Kardashian

Black Footed Cat 1
Philadelphia Zoo

The Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are Back And Hunting Crickets

Worlds Largest Insect

This May Be The Largest Aquatic Insect, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams


This Floating Platform Could Filter The Plastic From Our Polluted Oceans

Kathy Collins via Getty Images

Here's One Big Thing You Can Do For A Greener Diet

Eddie Overholt
Greene County Sheriff's Department

76-Year-Old Veteran Arrested For Asking Officials To Speak Louder

Rob Whitworth via Getty Images

The World Just Had Its Hottest June On Record

Nicholas Kusnetz/Center for Public Integrity

How Oil And Gas Firms Transformed North Dakota

Kruger Park Rhino
Ian Walton via Getty Images

Evacuations May Be Next For These Endangered Animals

Cigarette Butts
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

New Orleans Putting Smoked Butts In A Better Place

Official Says Jamaica's Drought Is Intensifying

Nhl Arena
Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

Pro Hockey Releases Sustainability Report

Shale Drilling
LonnyG via Getty Images

Researchers To Test How Great Plains Shale Reacts To Fracking

Pygmy Marmosets

Primate Rights vs. Research: A Battle In Colombian Rainforest

Wisconsin Train Crash
Max Seigle/WISN-TV

Over 100 Homes Evacuated After Train Derails In Wisconsin


This Baby Monkey Became Friends With Two Puppies

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Mario Tama via Getty Images

Shark Sightings Off Cape Cod Bring Huge Tourism Boost

Esther The Wonder Pig
Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins

Animals Are More Than Mere Things. Treat Them That Way.

Gray Seal
Sean Gallup via Getty Images

As Gray Seal Populations Boom, So Do Conflicts

California Dam
Lee Foster via Getty Images

California's Clean Energy Goals In Danger

Moti Reiber / RNS

Rabbi Preaches From Church Pulpits To Halt Climate Change

Dogs Playing
Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

Can Dogs Really Have Best Friends?


Changing How We Share Sustainability Ideas

David McNew via Getty Images

Obama Opens East Coast To Oil Exploration For First Time In Decades

Lake Mead
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Lake Mead Drops To Lowest Levels Ever As Drought Plagues Southwest

Hog Farm
Stephen Shepherd via Getty Images

Controversial Animal Laws Facing Federal Court Challenges

Waste Oil Gas Drilling

Fracking Waste Affecting Water Supply In Dry California

Gary Peters

Senate Candidate To Kochs: Come At Me, Bros

Mexican Gray Wolves
Steven Myers via Getty Images

Endangered Wolf Cubs Born In Wild For First Time In Decades

Brown Lawn
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Couple Threatened With Fine For Brown Lawn In Drought-Plagued State

Sumatran Orangutan

Roughly 7,000 Sumatran Orangutans Left And They're Still Being Hunted

Cats Hawaii
Lysandra Cook via Getty Images

Deadly Cat Virus Outbreak Hits Hawaii For The First Time Ever