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December 20, 2014

What the Environmental Community Has Is a 'Failure to Communicate'

The environmental community has a communication problem. The problem lies neither with the validity of their facts and figures nor with the caliber of their experts. The problem is a failure to convey to the American people the relevance of the environment to their everyday lives.

Coal Ash
Charlotte Observer via Getty Images

EPA Releases Long-Anticipated Rules For Disposal Of Coal Ash


Dog Sentenced To Die In Owner's Will May Have Second Chance

Wild Boar
DEA / G. CAPPELLI via Getty Images

A More Sustainable Alternative To Your Pork Chops

Storm Drain Fish
Peter Essick via Getty Images

Green Groups Sue EPA Over Stormwater Regulations

Storm Creature
John Palminteri / KEYT

Strange Creature Washes Up On Santa Barbara Beach

California Drought
George Rose via Getty Images

Watch How Much California's Drought Improved This Week

Nuclear Attack
curraheeshutter via Getty Images

U.S. Not Prepared For Nuke Attack, Massive Natural Catastrophe

Vegan Christmas
The True Spoon

27 Delicious Ways To Do A Vegan Holiday Feast

Ice Surfing

Ice Surfing Is North Of Awesome

Air Pollution
ED JONES via Getty Images

Air Pollution A Big Factor In Heart Disease, Experts Warn

Shrimpers Jellyfish

As Jellyfish Bloom, So Do Appetites Overseas

Fracking Cuomo

New York Gov. Gets Kudos, Scorn After Fracking Ban

Aerial Fields
Mitch Kezar via Getty Images

Study: Climate Change Could Cause Big Drop In Food Production

Pregnant Mom
moodboard via Getty Images

Researchers Identify Factor That Doubles Child's Risk Of Autism

Ocean Acidification
Velvetfish via Getty Images

Acidic Oceans Could Quiet Coral Reefs

Greenland Ice Sheet
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Greenland's Ice Sheet Shifts Could Speed Melt

Nancy Pelosi Donuts
TIM SLOAN via Getty Images

These Are A Few Of Politicians' Favorite Things

How Cows Communicate
Panoramic Images via Getty Images

Moos Carry A Lot More Meaning Than You Ever Imagined

New York Fracking Ban
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Lawsuits Over New York Fracking Ban Unlikely, Experts Say

Oreilly Factor
Fox News

O'Reilly Compares Belief In Jesus With Belief In Global Warming

Andrew Cuomo

New York State To Ban Fracking

BethWolff43 via Getty Images

How To Fight The Bullfrog Invasion With Your Tastebuds

Bristol Bay Salmon
Kate Sheppard

Obama Bars Oil And Gas Development In Alaska's Bristol Bay

West Virginia Chemical Spill

Former Execs Indicted On Pollution Charges Over West Virginia Spill

Arctic Report Card

Federal Report: Arctic Losing Snow And Ice, Absorbing More Heat

Washington State Freeway
George Rose via Getty Images

"It's Not Our Children's Lungs That Should Be Burned"

Andrea Sperling via Getty Images

WTF Is Celtuce, Anyway?


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Northern Pintail Duck
RCKeller via Getty Images

Avian Flu Confirmed In Washington State Wild Birds

California Mudslide
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Mudslide Blocks Freeway In Southern California

Lava Step
Youtube/Maureen Kirkpatrick

This Is What Happens When You Step On Lava

Railroad Tracks
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

Turtle Trapped On Train Tracks Rescued In The Nick Of Time

Desert Rose

Monumental Portraits Of Ancient Trees Reveal Some Of Earth's Oldest Living Wonders

NOAA MMHSRP permit no. 932-1905

Heroic Whale Rescue Reveals Sad Reality

Christmas Lights House
HannamariaH via Getty Images

NASA Can See Your Christmas Lights... From Space!

Silas Patlove

LOOK OUT! Bicyclist Slams Into Deer

Us Electric Car Charging

Study: Your All-Electric Car May Not Be So Green After All