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July 12, 2014
INTERACTIVE MAP: People Along Keystone XL's Path

Wasted Cash in the US Fishing Industry

Fishing Industry Joe Raedle via Getty Images

What if you heard that other fishermen were unintentionally catching large numbers of vulnerable marine animals like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles -- damaging gear and hurting their own bottom lines? Waste on this scale occurs every day in many U.S. fisheries, hurting both fishermen and marine life.

Pa Fracking
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images

Former Health Secretary: 'Don't BS The Public' About Fracking

Organic Food Study
Elena Elisseeva via Getty Images

Is Organic Produce Better For You? Study Says 'Yes'

Surfer Wipeout
Warren Bolster via Getty Images

13 Times The Ocean Didn't Give A Damn About You

Alaska Whale
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Well-Known Humpback Whale Killed In Boat Collision

serezniy via Getty Images

Republicans Protect America From Efficient Light Bulbs, Low-Flow Toilets


Horse Dies In Freak Highway Accident

michal kodym via Getty Images

Group Representing Half A Billion Christians Divests From Fossil Fuels

Coastal Flooding
fralo via Getty Images

REPORT: Coastal Flooding Has Surged Along Eastern Seaboard

Great Lakes
University of Michigan Water Center

This Is How An Oil Spill Could Cause Disaster For The Great Lakes

Rhino Kenya
MaggyMeyer via Getty Images

'Rhino Are Not Safe Anywhere': Four Killed In High-Security Private Ranch

US Customs and Border Protection

Live Parrots Smuggled Inside Elmo Doll: Feds

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Appeals Court Upholds EPA's Mining Restraints

Baseball Sized Hail
NPHS Activities/Twitter

Baseball-Sized Hail Shatters Windows, Flattens Crops

PETER PARKS via Getty Images

This World Cup Sponsor Is Changing The Renewable Energy Game


50-Year-Old Elephant Killed For Tusks In Thai Sanctuary

GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images

Kitten Swims To Shore After Being Tossed From Georgia Bridge


Somewhere In Brooklyn, There Is A Pregnant Tarantula On The Loose

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD

WATCH: Millions Of Anchovies Form A Living 'Lava Lamp'

Rodney Davis
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says

Climate Denying Rapper
Kilez More/YouTube

This Climate Change-Denying Rapper Is About As Dope As You'd Expect

Bear Den Bay

Officials: No Evidence Brine In Bay After Pipeline Spill

National Park Service

Yellowstone Is So Hot, The Road Melted

Harry Reid

Environmental Groups To Dems: No Coal In Ex-Im Reauthorization

Polar Vortex
Afton Almaraz via Getty Images

Did You Miss The Polar Vortex? Don't Worry, It'll Be Back This Summer

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Oil Barrel
Guy Vanderelst via Getty Images

The Government Is Still Spending Billions To Subsidize Fossil Fuels

Utah Statehouse
Kenneth C. Zirkel via Getty Images

Utah Might Get Rid Of Daylight Saving Time

Fish Bp Oil Spill
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

BP Oil Spill Caused Sickness In Fish, Researchers Find

California Drought Lawn
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Drought Emergency Prompts Strict Conservation Measures


Elephants Protect Their Young As Air Raid Siren Sounds

Midwest Agriculture
Mitch Kezar via Getty Images

Agriculture Industry Fights For 'Right To Farm' In Midwest

JIJI PRESS via Getty Images

Typhoon Causes Lethal Landslide In Japanese Town

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Still No El Niño; Long Wait Continues

Aerial Fish Restocking
Ted Hallows/YouTube

WATCH: This Is One Way To Fill A Lake With Fish

North Dakota Pipeline
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Pipeline Leaks 1 Million Gallons of Saltwater Into Lake

Brown Bear Cub Mom

Watch Live As Bears And Salmon Clash In Alaskan River

Hummer H2
Scott Olson via Getty Images

6 Times Americans Totally Deserved To Be Smacked Down

Beached Whale Queensland

Rescuers Work Tirelessly To Save Beached Humpback Whale Calf

Hellbender Salamander
Joe McDonald via Getty Images

Researchers Work To Save 'Snot Otters' Disappearing From Streams

Loggerhead Turtles

U.S. Declares 'Critical Habitat' Protection For Loggerhead Turtles

JACK GUEZ via Getty Images

INTERACTIVE: How Hot Will Summer Be In Your City In 2100?