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April 26, 2015

Regret to Inform You: Coal Blasting Rages On

Mountaintop Removal ASSOCIATED PRESS

While I love to write about clean energy solutions, Appalachian transition and coalfield regeneration, and the inspiring regenerative city movement, to ignore the deadly impacts of mountaintop removal and coal mining is a betrayal to the residents living on the front lines of coal mining mayhem today.

Dog That Looks Like Steve Buscemi Highlights The Problem With Famous Pets

Go Dog Safe Paws

Escaped Buffalo Herd Shot Dead In New York


Lake Mead On Track For Record Low Water Level Amid Drought

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

This Dog Had The Best. Day. Ever. In Vancouver


Southern Chile Blanketed In Ash After Volcano Erupts


Montana Residents Help Guide Geese Out Of Downtown Missoula


New LED Lights Could Play Huge Role In Ending Malaria

AFP via Getty Images

Tiny Kitten Found Alive After Massive Fire Is A True Survivor

Sarah Green

While You're Freaking Out About Avocados, Should You Be Worried About Hummus Too?

Getty Images

Sea Turtle Photobombs Vacation Picture

Caters News

This State May Be The First To Run On 100% Renewable Energy


A Couple Hundred Bulldogs Got Together For An Insanely Cute Party

Brian Batista

These Flies Are Getting More Action Than You

NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Yes, These Are Photographs Of Actual Caves And Icefalls On Planet Earth

The App That's Helping China Cut Down On Pollution

FRED DUFOUR via Getty Images

This Doctor Lets Poor Patients In Indonesia Pay For Their Health Care With Recyclable Trash

AMAN ROCHMAN via Getty Images

Researchers Are Super Excited About This Whale's Penis

Pacific Whale Foundation

Teen's Tragic Death Underscores The Shark Problem Plaguing This Small Island

RICHARD BOUHET via Getty Images


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Man Started Utah Wildfire To 'Signal For Help,' Police Say

Grand County Sheriff

Dachshund Spends 13 Days Under Concrete Slab


This Freaky Video Of An Octopus Chasing A Crab Will Make Your Skin Crawl

YouTube/Bettina Turnbull

Cat Takes On Crow, Gets Trollololololed

Hope Murzasheva / YouTube

2 Models. 1 Bear.


1 Cow: 5 Mouths, 10 Lips

Via Daily Mail

19 Dramatic Animals Who Think All The World's A Stage


Love Fox Cubs? Oh, Just You Wait...

George The Cat Stands On Two Legs Like A Little Human