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November 20, 2014

PETA Really Needs to Respond to the Charges That Its Workers Stole and Killed a Family's Dog, Then Sent a Fruit Basket

It's past time for PETA to explain what happened to Wilbur Cerate's dog. Because until we know more, all we can say about this terrible story is that a family is grieving, and some professionally sinister mustache-twirlers working for the meat industry have that much more ammunition in their war against animals.

Don Blankenship 2014

Former Coal Company CEO Pleads Not Guilty In Deadly Mine Accident

John Normile via Getty Images

Western New York Residents Call Snow Worst In Memory

coleong via Getty Images

Harvard Students File Divestment Lawsuit

Happy Turkey Eating
hydemee / Instagram

These Turkeys Might Change The Way You Feel About Thanksgiving

Berkeley Gas Pumps
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

City OKs Plan For Gas-Pump Climate Change Labels

Us Natural Gas Drilling
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

New Methane Rules Could Help U.S. Meet Climate Targets

Kinder Morgan Arrests Burnaby
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Police Move In On Anti-Pipeline Protesters

For The Love Of Dog

A Chihuahua Was The Mayor Of San Francisco For A Day

Air Pollution

UN: World Not Close To Avoiding Dangerous Warming

Mary Landrieu Keystone Bill
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Thus Endeth Mary Landrieu's Keystone Pipeline Theatrics

Backyard Pesticide

Backyard Pesticides Show Up Increasingly In California Watersheds

Ivan Kislov
Ivan Kislov

Stunning Photos Of Foxes Living At The Edge Of The World


Buffalo Just Got Hit With A Wall Of Snow So Thick It Stranded Drivers

Terrapin Escapes Croc
Mario Moreno / Caters News

Terrapin's Escape From Crocodile Is Tough To Swallow, But It Happened

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Poll Shows Most Americans Support Keystone XL Pipeline

Mary Landrieu
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Landrieu's Keystone XL Hail Mary Falls Short

Chicago Ice Palace
Joshua Mellin

Fire At School Leaves Behind Stunning Ice Palace In Its Wake

Anous Stolidus
Morgan Maassen

This Bird Is Winning The Selfie Game

Refrigerator Open
Glow Decor via Getty Images

11 Easy Ways To Reduce Food Waste

Pond Snail Embryo

Watch Snails Grow From Embryos To Hatchlings In Just 11 Seconds

Santa Clara Waste Water Explosion

Dozens Treated After California Truck Explosion

Whooping Crane
Wild Horizon via Getty Images

5 Animals Who Remain Safe After Keystone Pipeline Vote

Water Wasters
Heal the Bay

A Very Low-Tech Way To Stop Water-Wasters

Buffalo Snow 18

Several Deaths Blamed On Major New York Snowstorm

Mary Landrieu
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mary Landrieu Faces Tougher Re-Election Following Keystone Vote

Wastewater Recycling Drinking
Ian Waldie via Getty Images

Parched San Diego Looks To Wastewater Recycling

Marijuana Plant
MARCEL VAN HOORN via Getty Images

Pot Drastically Shrinks Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer: Study


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Keystone Pipeline

Here's What Big Oil Has In The Pipes If Keystone Fails

Buffalo Snow
jacki_roach / Instagram

Western New York Snow Storm Could Set Records

Polar Bear

These Polar Bears Had A Tough Decade

Uganda Elephants
PETER BUSOMOKE via Getty Images

Over A Ton Of Ivory Stolen From Uganda's Stockpile

James Anaquad Kleinert - Director/Cinematographer via Getty Images

Fracking To Be Allowed In George Washington National Forest


Boehner: Vetoing Keystone Would Be Like Calling America 'Stupid'

Shedd Otter Hangout
Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez

Take Some Time Out Of Your Busy Day To Chill Out With This Sea Otter Pup

Japan Whale Hunt

Japan Plans New Whale Hunt With Reduced Quotas, Despite Court Ruling

Bed Bug
Penn Medicine/Robert Press

Researchers Find Bed Bugs Could Carry A Deadly Disease